Adjusting to campus life as a freshman


By Sam Kirk
October 7, 2022

Hunter Waldron studies at his desk. Photo by Gianna McGann.

Many people say college is the best time of your life, but they never really seem to talk about adjusting to living on campus during their freshman year. At a smaller school like Cabrini University, students may be more at ease than a freshman who goes to a bigger school.

Either way, there are many methods of easing the stress that comes with moving into a new environment, the hard part is figuring them out.

Nerves and anticipation can get the best of you

Photo of dorm room in West Hall. Photo by Gianna McGann.

There is always a ton of anticipation when a student is a week away from moving into their dorm room on campus. However, nerves come into play when the days are ticking down.

While living with someone you’ve never met before can be nerve-racking at first, it can also become very exciting. Many first-year students are used to living with a legal guardian, and in many cases are also used to having their own room and the privacy that comes with it.

Communication is key

Adapting to living with another person in such close quarters can be a major adjustment, especially if someone has never experienced sharing their space before. In this case, communication is key. Talking with new roommates to learn each other’s day-to-day schedules will be helpful to know when the person you’re living with will be in and out of the room.

Mario Leone, freshman business management major, said, “At first, it was definitely hard for me living with someone I did not know, it’s hard when you do not know each other’s schedule and when they are going to be in and out of the room.”

Waldron standing outside of East Residence Hall. Photo by Sam Kirk.

While it is nice for students to ease their stress in a quiet room all alone, they will not have the luxury to do so without communicating with their roommates. It is also great to take advantage of free time by doing activities like playing video games or reading a book. With good communication between roommates, adjusting to campus life will only improve your on-campus experience.

Hunter Waldron, freshman finance major, said, “Over time you get used to it, but it really depends on what kind of person you are. I think if you communicate with each other over time, it becomes easier and easier.”

It can be hard staying in a small room all day with an unfamiliar face. Get up and do something to take your mind off school and your living situation. Another tip that can help freshmen adjust to campus life is to walk around the entire campus and get a feel for where they will be living for the next couple of semesters. There are many more steps one can make for a successful semester, it just depends on what kind of person they are.

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