Ad-ing up the open space

By Leanne Pantone
December 5, 2002

Now that the walls are free of ad clutter and the student body has been made aware of the rules for posting signs, a bigger issue is catching the attention of Student Activities. There is a limited number of places for students to hang posters and flyers around campus.

Although no major changes have been made to the policy, it now clearly states where a student can and cannot hang a flyer or ad and when it can be hung. “There are no changes,” Jason Bozzone, director of Student Activities, said. “It is just that no one actually knew what the policy was.”

Bozzone felt that it was the responsibility of the office of Student Activities to be proactive and put something together so the students are made aware of the policy. He took it upon himself to write up a policy that is detailed and specific for everyone to understand.

However, in order for the policy to work, Student Activities is going to take responsibility for the posters or flyers that are not displayed legally. The office is going to educate the students by taking down the ad, taking it to Student Activities, calling the people or club that posted the ad and ask them to get it and get it stamped or place it in another area.

Conversely, when writing up the policy, Student Activities discovered that there really are not many places for students to hang up ads around campus. “If there is no place to put things, the students need to address that,” Bozzone said. “There are channels of communication that you need to address those to. And hopefully it’ll build a better Cabrini where people can share information and have those kiosks and information boards.”

Students can address concerns or solutions to problems to the Student Government Association or to Student Activities.

According to Bern Hazel, the SGA has recognized the problem with the limited places to display information and is working on a proposal to get more information bulletins or kiosks on campus.

Bozzone said that the students need to meet Student Activities half way; Student Activities addressed a concern that students had, now it is up to the students to be proactive and address underlying issues that have been exposed.

If anyone has any concerns, he or she may contact Student Activities at x8407.

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Leanne Pantone

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