Additional parking a necessary expense

By Brian Loschiavo
February 4, 2010

Around campus you hear students discussing various aspects of Cabrini that they would like to see changed. One that seems to come up time after time is the parking situation. The Loquitur editorial staff feels that we need to get the conversation started about this issue on the administrative level.

We realize like any other institution the economic times that we are in make financing tough. We also understand that any extra money the college gets is being used to help assist students to stay enrolled in school.

We feel that in order to keep students satisfied and happy here at Cabrini everything from the food at the café to the availability of parking needs to be recognized. Tuition at Cabrini is over $40,000; a parking pass for two semesters is $100. These costs become frustrating when something as simple as getting a parking spot becomes a hassle.

Money is put into the Cabrini Fund and a Student Activities fee for students. Why can’t we set a small amount of money aside for a new parking garage or at least a new parking lot?

If building additional parking is not an option then our public safety needs to be more consistent with its ticketing and restrictions on first year students having their cars on campus. If more parking was made first-year students could have cars on campus, making them more satisfied with the simple things at Cabrini and perhaps increase the retention rate.

Until a solution is reached those of us who have paid for our parking passes should not have to circle Founder’s Hall and Dixon parking lots for 20 minutes every morning trying to find a parking spot.

After walking from the last parking spot in the last row of the Dixon Center we shouldn’t see cars in the first row of Founder’s with no decal on their car and no ticket on their windshield.

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Brian Loschiavo

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