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By Staff Writer
December 3, 2004

Anna Quindlen once said “If your success is not on your own terms, if it looks good to the world but does not feel good in your heart, it is not success at all.” This is one of the many lessons that Ms. Gwendolyn Atkinson-Miller, director of Act 101, general studies, and A.I.R.E. programs tells her college success class, A.I.R.E and ACT 101 students everyday. She stresses the point that success depends on self not anyone else and to be successful you need to depend on yourself before anyone else.

The purpose of the ACT 101 program is to provide higher education to students whose cultural, economic, and educational disadvantages impair their initial ability to pursue successful college careers. Once these students get into a specific college they are offered various supportive services and more quality time with their academic counselors in order to fulfill their lifelong goals.

Many ACT 101 students have become shining stars here at Cabrini. Ms. Miller chose twelve of these shining stars to attend “The K. Leroy Irvis” 2004 ACT 101 Student Leadership Conference in Lancaster, Pa. During the past three years, the director has taken 24 students to this conference.

This conference contained 72 colleges from all over Pennsylvania.

This conference was designed to give seminars on what defines and maintains a good leader. The three things this conference stressed was the ability to adapt to change, the ability to have a solid foundation, and the ability to set goals for your future. Each workshop whether it was on stress or spirituality stressed these values.

I attended three workshops during this overnight conference. In the first workshop I attended by Laura Scappaticci she spoke about how unhealthy relationships with your significant other, friends, or co-workers can affect your job performance or hinder you from attaining an aspiration. This was important to leadership because who you surround yourself with is not only how you are perceived but if the relationships you develop are damaging to you in any form they can limit not only your future but the “here and now.”

In the second workshop I went to Elbert Saddler, Ph.D. presented a lecture about how one wants to be remembered. This session emphasized how plans to acquire future dreams and goals in a creative world would produce clarity and the purpose of one’s life. A person cannot be a leader if they do not first set goals for themselves and know where and what they want to accomplish.

The third and final workshop I attended by Fred Chamberlain was a very interactive session that concentrated on looking at how we view confrontation, how that observation sways the ones we have, and how to prepare for and communicate in confrontations that will better guarantee good results. When you are in a leadership position in which you oversee people confrontations will always arise and in order to keep a peaceful and enjoyable work environment it’s important to know how to resolve these situations positively.

Overall this conference was a very influential experience for me. It gave me more confidence in obtaining and reaching my lifelong dreams and goals. It showed me first hand that there are opportunities out there that I need to take advantage of that my parents and grandparents never had.

This experience will follow me throughout my life and I will never forget it. I hope by reading this article more ACT 101 students will want to attend next year’s conference and just be aware of how much support they have no only at Cabrini but at other institutions as well.

Posted to the web by Shawn Rice

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Staff Writer

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