Actions cause cancelation of Haunted Trail

By Kendall Neil
November 6, 2003

The Campus Activities and Programming Board was forced to cancel its annual Haunted Trail on Friday, Oct. 31, due to a firecracker that was launched into the trail on Thursday, Oct. 29, during the debut of the trail.

According to co-chair Kelsey Kuhwald, the trouble started around 12 a.m., on Thursday night. “It’s amazing how some people have no respect for anyone or anything on this campus; it’s sad,” Kuhwald said.

After the firecracker went off, Kuhwald and fellow co-chair Carli Pio agreed to keep the trail going for the rest of the evening. The next day, the decision was made to cancel it due to the safety interests of the actors participating in the trail and for the guests who participated in the event. “There was a firecracker that went off near one of our volunteers heads, which made us definitely call off the trail for the next night because who’s to say that won’t happen again,” Kuhwald said.

Aside from the fireworks being launched into the trail, an actor was also kicked in the head while standing at a tunnel entrance and was also threatened to not scare some of the groups as they walked through the trail. Public Safety was eventually called to have an officer stand at the entrances to contain some of the problems.

Kuhwald and Pio would like to thank all of the volunteers that came out and helped. “They helped us make mature and responsible decisions during this event,” Kuhwald said.

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Kendall Neil

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