A cheap spring break tradition

By Gina Peracchia
February 26, 2004

Spring break is quickly approaching. In just one or two days, many students will be flying to Cancun, Europe, or taking a trip down to the shore. But, there’s a place not many people would think of as a spring break hang out. Let me give you a hint: there’s lots of books, classrooms, teachers, dorms, etc. Have you guessed what it is yet?
That’s right. Many students who go to small colleges sometimes like to go away to big universities to visit their friends during spring break. Not all colleges and universities in the country have the same spring break week, so this gives those students who want to visit friends while they’re off a chance to do so while they’re friends are still at school.
From what I’ve been hearing, a lot of students will be visiting friends up at Rutgers, Penn State, Scranton, UMass, and the University of Delaware. Everyone knows these are big party schools and visiting friends is not the only reason for taking the trip. Hopefully, we all have the same mind-set at this point.
Staying with friends at their college is also something students can do if they’re strapped for cash. No hotel room fees! I know for myself, I have exactly $28 in my bank account at the moment. I can’t even afford a Motel 6 at this point, so how would I be able to pay for a nice hotel in Hawaii or in Italy?
So where am I going for spring break? You probably think I’m just staying home and working since I have no money. That’s not the case, although, that’s probably a good idea.
Instead, I’m making myself flat broke by taking a trip up to PSU with the boyfriend and best friend to visit people and do things I wouldn’t normally do while attending Cabrini. Remember, I’m a commuter, so this campus doesn’t see much of me on the weekends.
All of us meeting up are not sure yet what we’re planning on doing, considering we’re all broke, but it doesn’t matter. We know we’ll have a good time and our good time doesn’t need to be planned out or expensive. I’ve been to Penn State a few times, so I know the area fairly well and there’s always something to do.
No matter where I go for spring break, whether it be down the shore, up at PSU, or just hanging out with friends from home, I know I’ll have a good time and I don’t need the big, expensive island vacation to do it.

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Gina Peracchia

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