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By Other Staff
March 21, 2002

Since Feb. 18 the library has celebrated “Access from Anywhere” a system that allows members of the Cabrini community to access library databases from off-campus. “The off campus community has been asking for this for a long time,” Linda Roccas, one of Holy Spirit’s librarian’s said. Now following a formal open house and candy bowls for advertisement, users are logging into the database from the comfort of their own computer desks, beds or anywhere.

“Statistics are showing that use is skyrocketing,” Roberta Jacquet the Holy Spirit Library director, said. [“Reactions have been very positive,” some members of the Library have even been stopped in hallways by users raving over the service.] Other benefits of the system include the increased use of Cabrini accounts and involvement from the student community so that they don’t have to go elsewhere.

Even from an Information Technology Resources standpoint, the system has been standing up to high standards and is scoring positive reviews. It may be bringing more students into using Cabrini accounts. “Before there wasn’t much of a reason for students to have Cabrini accounts. Now, they are receiving mail and accessing things much more,” Todd Kern of ITR said. “We expect a much better turnout in the fall.”

Overall there have been few problems as well as few user complaints. However, one snag to look out for is that older Netscape users may not show a login screen.

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Other Staff

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