Accepting all religions: A response to religious-based hate crimes

By Editorial Board
March 29, 2019

“No matter what, no person should ever die because of what they believe in.” Photo by Michelle Guerin

A synagogue in Pittsburgh.

A mosque in New Zealand.

Both places of worship. Both targeted by terrorism due to their religious beliefs.

Over the passed decade, there have been over 25 attacks on places of worship for numerous religions.

We live in a world that all too often persecutes people based on their religion.

People came to America to seek religious freedom from those in Europe who imposed a state religion. They came here to celebrate their religion and, somewhere along the way from the pilgrims to now, we seem to have forgotten that religious freedom is the very foundation and core of what the United States stands for today.

During this time of racial prejudice and division, the amount of hatred there is people for being different is beginning to increase. We should all practice inclusivity and try to be more tolerant people who come from different background. At the same time, we should try to learn from them and expand our knowledge.

The reason some people are not accepting of other religions is ignorance. These people do not understand other religions and often fear what they do not know. Instead of being willing to learn about these religions, they turn that “fear” into a hatred or create stereotypes and biases based on their uncertainties.

As people, we need to change this. Our society has to create a new reputation and accept everyone’s beliefs regardless of their religion.

All religions have one thing in common and that is to spread peace and love. Religion stands to bring hope to people who need it, and everyone should have the right to practice what they believe in because of that.

Whether a person is religious or not, we are all taught to treat one another with dignity.  Catholic, Jewish, Quaker, Christian, Muslim – everyone deserves respect.

Accepting all religions is crucial to world peace since religion has been a leading cause of conflict, division and bloodshed throughout history. The more we open our hearts and minds to it, we can accomplish more than just peace. We can apply such thinking in everyday life, it can create tremendous advancements in society, technology, medicine, morality, philosophy and so much more.

At Cabrini, we hold this to heart, because even though we officially identify as a Catholic institution, all are welcome and all are free to worship as they wish too. As Americans and Cavaliers, we should accept all religions because everyone should be free to worship as they would like.

To see what happened in New Zealand, and what continues to happen in the United States is heartbreaking because mosques, synagogues and churches are supposed to be safe places.

Although thoughts and prayers are helpful, it won’t ever get to the bottom of these issues.

No words will ever replace the lost lives while in their religious spaces but it should be a message to all that this should never happen again.  

No matter what, no person should ever die because of what they believe in.

No life deserves to be cut off by violence.  

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Editorial Board

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