A brief history of the World Series

By Karen Schweizer
November 8, 2001

Associated Press

Fiery rivalries burnt out then gave birth to the World Series, when baseball clubs battled to see who would be crowned the best in the world.

Fighting between two clubs lead up to world-series history when the National League’s Providence club and the American Association’s New York Metropolitans decided to see who would win a friendly but extensive contest of baseball.

The contest took place in 1884 and ended in a sweep by Providence in three games. However, fighting burnt out competitions in 1891 ending the venture.

The next step to the birth of the series took place when a twelve team National league decided to split their season to create two teams who could face off in a championship. The two halves were Boston and Cleveland. The winner was Boston, who won five out of six games with only one tie. The games were again dropped and no more split games were held.

As the last in a long line of the failures, William C. Temple, a baseball benefactor, donated a trophy to the winner of a seven game playoff series. Temple’s series trophy idea lasted four years, but there wasn’t enough public interest to keep his series going.

Finally there was success. As the brainchild of the Pittsburgh Pirates owner Barney Dreyfuss and Boston Pilgrims President Henry Killilea, the series consisted of the National league facing off against the American League. A nine-game series was created to showcase both Dreyfuss and Killilea’s teams.

Fans loved the series and 100,000 fans came out in the masses, according to MLB.com as the series took hold in American hearts and lead up to what we have today.

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Karen Schweizer

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