A women’s field hockey club is in the works at Cabrini University

By Megan Fee
September 17, 2019

Brenna Walters leading the field hockey club’s first meeting. Photo by Megan Fee.

For the first time ever at Cabrini University there are plans to create a women’s field hockey club team. Brenna Walters, sophomore marketing major, created the newest club addition on campus this year as a way to enjoy playing field hockey without the time commitment.

The club plans to meet up for practice about two times a week and it will be a student-run organization. According to Walters, the plan is that it will still be competitive and the games will still be at the varsity level, but not as rigorous or intense.

“I wanted to play field hockey because I love playing, but I didn’t want the NCAA commitment, so I just figured I would start the club and that way I could play without having to miss class and everything like that,” Walters said.

Their goal is to play against local field hockey groups. Walters is in the process of setting up a first game, but it will have to wait until the club has settled some formalities first. They have to figure out where the club stands and go through the process of starting a new organization and fulfilling those requirements and then go from there.

“Preferably I would like at least 15 [people] just for subbing and stuff, 20 would be ideal,” Walters said. “I have to see who’s interested and get that all going and people have to pay dues and everything, so we have to get that all rolling.”

The outside of the Dixon Center, where the meeting was held. Photo by Megan Fee.

The club, which is still underway, had its first meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 17, and was held at the Dixon Center in the Dixon Hall of Fame room where seven people attended. Those that were unable to attend the meeting were able to receive more information via email. It was an interest meeting for all new members that were looking to join and find out more information about the brand new club.

Armoni Parker, a freshman graphic design major, was one of the students that attended the field hockey club teams’ first meeting. She is new to playing field hockey but she has hopes that by joining, she will be able to gain some real experience and have fun while doing so.

“Besides getting active, I want to expand my horizons to see what it’s like to play field hockey,” Parker said. 

The club is open to everyone that is interested, whether you have had prior field hockey experiences or not. Like all clubs and student organizations, a student must be in good academic standing to join. 

“Any experience level can join,” Walters said. “I myself would be more than willing to teach people how to play. I have a girl that is interested that hasn’t played before actually, and I told her that I can work with her one on one if she would like, to show her the ins and outs.”

Paperwork and forms the club handed out. Photo by Megan Fee.

Starting a club is no easy task. It takes a lot of hard work and planning and there are several requirements an organization must meet in order to become a club.

Orlin Jespersen, associate director of athletics, recreation, and community engagement, helped with the start-up of new clubs on campus and has been working alongside Walters to create this new club.

“I work with them to develop the club structure and guide them through different processes involved with running the club,” Jespersen said. This includes working with “budgeting, scheduling, equipment and eligibility,” among other things.

“Sport clubs provide the opportunity to learn a new sport so students don’t have to have experience. They just need an interest in learning and getting involved, and watch for meetings and contact me to connect with the club leaders,” Jespersen said.


Megan Fee

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