A true Philadelphia Eagles fan

By Melanie Greenberg
September 26, 2011

As an Eagles fan, I have had some pretty fantastic years watching the boys in green. My poor dad got to spend his years as a season ticket holder in the ‘80s and ‘90s watching a team about as good as the 2009 Detroit Lions. Daddy would embark on his journey to the Vet early in the morning with a big pot of chili made by my mom, requested by his friends. He would spend his days in the bitter cold, tailgating with the most loyal of fans, watching our boys get trampled on.

While he saw some rough years for Philly, he was able to experience some amazing games. Ironically enough, one of the stories he told me many times was about Buddy Ryan. It might be the reason why I have a soft spot for Rex Ryan.

The 1987 Dallas Cowboys were more of an enemy to Philly than ever before after players crossed the picket line during a strike. Buddy was having none of that nonsense. With 11 seconds left in the game, Randall Cunningham was forced by coach Ryan to pass the ball. Pass interference was called and the ball was placed on the 1-yard-line.  With no doubt that the Eagles were going to win this game, the boys in Kelly green scored creating a final score of 30-20.

My dad was on his way out of the stadium to start the grill for the after-game tailgate. He was able to witness the screams of the fans. He shakes his head every time he tells me this story.

I envy the way my dad was able to experience football. He snuck into the Vet one game, he had the best memories with friends who still offer him a ticket every once in a couple of years. And dad, as much as I appreciated you being my soccer and basketball coach as a kid, I wish I could travel back in time and smack some sense into you and beg you to keep your season tickets!

Of course, if anyone knew my dad, they would understand how much he truly loves his four daughters. Because his love of football is so extreme, we were basically forced to become those crazy Philly fans people complain about. I just wish he hadn’t given up those tickets the year before McNabb arrived so he could have experienced some wins. In this case, it really is more about the experience and love of the game, not the wins that makes a true fan.

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Melanie Greenberg

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