A tribute to the teachers and coaches that changed our life growing up

By Grace Fox
April 26, 2020

Kelly Sweeney playing field hockey in high school; Picture taken by a players mom

Growing up we encountered a lot of teachers and if you get into sports a lot of coaches as well. These people that we come in contact with in our lifetime could be someone that shapes you into the person you are today. 

“My high school field hockey teacher shaped me into who I am today. She not only made me into a better player but she would constantly push everyone on my team to be the best we could be,” Kelly Sweeney, a sophomore early education and special education, said. 

Sweeney wants to continue to be  in her footsteps because she believes everybody has the potential to reach the highest level they can. 

People are shaped into so many different ways. Some are shaped to be good sports players. Some could even be shaped into a better student. There are endless possibilities. 

“I was shaped by my high school teacher Mr.O. He was the type of teacher who always  made everyone  feel welcome and made sure everybody had support when they needed it,” Kait Cloud, a sophomore exercise science and health promotion major, said.

Cloud made it her goal to imitate what Mr. O did. Mr. O was a very positive and influential person that shaped Kait into who she is today. She hoped one day she can make an impact on somebody else’s life like he made on hers.

Some people are shaped by the way people treat them as well. If you were bullied when you were younger, it could shape you into a kind person so nobody else has to be treated that way.

There are so many ways that people can change people, in good ways and sometimes in  bad. That doesn’t mean you are stuck like that forever because with the right type of person you could change into a whole different person.

“When I was younger I played ice hockey and many coaches didn’t want me on their team because I was a girl and it was an all boys team. Then one coach saw me and he wanted me on his team. He didn’t care about my gender, he saw that I could play,” Lauren Vanstone, a senior elementary and special education major, said. 

Vanstone was taught to respect everybody the way you wanted to be treated. She was welcomed with open arms by the coaching staff. That gave her the confidence to never give up even when life has got you down. 

Lauren Vanstone in elementary school playing ice hockey; Photo taken by Professional photographer

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Grace Fox

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