A major decision: Shaping your future now

By Chelbi Mims
September 26, 2010

Progressing through my sophomore year in high school I came into college knowing that I wanted to major in communication. I was one of the few people that came into freshman year and knew exactly what I wanted to major in.  It may have been because while applying for schools my mother made me decide on a major to ensure that I choose the best school for myself.

I choose communication not only because I love to talk and am a people person but also because the summer of my junior year I interned at a local theater company in Houston, Texas. During my internship, my boss asked me constantly what I wanted to major in college. I always blew her off because I figured I would just major in theater because I was talented and I loved it.

My last day of work she called me into her office and told me communication was the best major for me. I looked at her with a blank stare on my face because I knew I didn’t want to be a news anchor. She told me that all major companies had communication departments. Nonetheless I can do a lot more with a communication degree than a theater degree and that would be a great major to fit my personality.

When determining a major it is best to have a mentor or someone helping you through the process. If it wouldn’t have been for my parents and my previous boss my eyes wouldn’t have been open to the vast possibilities of a communication degree. It can be a teacher, family member, coach or any person in your life.

Analyze your talents, aspirations and goals and from there, determine a major. When thinking about your strengths and goals in life this will make picking a major easier and not so forced into a particular field.

It is also best to not jump into a major until you are completely positive.  You will spend the rest of your years in college studying this subject matter and your adult life doing something in this field. Don’t randomly pick a major just because you do not want to be undecided anymore.

Many people ask why I traveled from Texas to go to school in Radnor, Pa. I give them all the same answer: because the Cabrini communication department gives you a hands-on experience of all venues of communication.  I visited nine schools my senior year of high school and although those schools offer an immense amount of partying and sororities none of their communication programs stood out to my parents and I.  I knew I wanted to pursue communication in college and I needed to be at the best place.

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Chelbi Mims

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