A look into “Behind her Eyes”

By Cierra Southard
March 21, 2021

***This article contains spoilers.

Looking for a thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat? Then, “Behind her Eyes” is the perfect binge-worthy show for you. 

Based off of the novel by Sarah Pinborough, the book and Netflix original series is a psychological thriller about a woman having an affair with her married boss, with a twist.  

There are themes of addiction, trauma, lucid dreaming, lies and British classism that are present throughout the series.

“Behind her Eyes” is a thriller that you cannot miss out on. Photo screenshotted from Netflix’s online streaming site.

The series follows four main characters, Louise, David, Adele and Rob and takes place in London. 

Louise is a single mother who is searching for fulfillment in her life. Louise had met David, who is a married man, in a bar and the two almost hooked up by the end of the night. 

However, when Louise goes to work the following morning, she realizes that David is now her new boss in a psychiatrist’s office. The two first agree to keep their relationship professional, but soon turns into something the two can no longer control. 

Adele, David’s wife, is unhappy in her marriage and is planning a separation. One day, Adele coincidentally bumps into Louise leaving David’s office and befriends her. The two soon become best friends. 

Louise finds out that Adele is David’s wife after looking at a picture frame on his desk, however, she finds it thrilling hooking up with David and knowing something that Adele doesn’t, so she thinks. 

After discovering Louise suffers from night terrors, Adele gives her a notebook from her friend, Rob, where he had written about his feelings for Adele and dealing with lucid dreams, as a way of persuading her into leaving her own body and controlling her night terrors. 

Through their time meeting in a mental health facility, Adele and Rob quickly bonded. Rob had mentioned he was into men and seemed to have an interest in David, Adele’s fiance at the time. Rob admitted to being jealous of the relationship David had with Adele, and had left his body to spy on David and Adele having sex.

Through flashbacks, we learned that Rob had somehow died since and Adele had covered up the death. When getting rid of the body in the well at her parents’ estate, Adele dropped David’s watch into the well too, implicating both her and David. This gave Adele control over David, what she always wanted. 

Flashforward, as Louise continued to look into the disappearance of Rob, she had told David the truth and that he should alert the authorities. 

Adele knew that David was going to the authorities, so she staged a fire and a suicide attempt at her house, knowing that Louise would come to her rescue. Louise couldn’t get inside, so she used her dream controlling and astral projection to leave her body to save Adele.

But Adele had also left her body and used this chance to take over Louise’s empty body, enter the house and kill the actual Louise, who was now in Adele’s body. This gives Adele the opportunity to live on as Louise and have her happily ever after with David. 

But that’s not all. 

Another flashback shows when Rob first convinced Adele to practice astral projection with him. The pair leave their bodies, and Rob enters Adele’s body and is very happy with his quick transformation, but Adele who is now in Rob’s body hates it and can’t move properly. Rob, who is now Adele, straddles his old body, who is now Adele and injects an overdose, therefore killing the real Adele and his old body. So in conclusion, the whole time Adele has been Rob in her body. And well now, Rob is Louise. 

In the final episode, we learned that Adele, aka Rob, was leaving her body through astral projection in all of those scenes where she was lying face-up on the bed. These were ultimately the moments Louise and David were together and was how Adele knew about the affair all along. 

“I am still in complete shock over the ending and the twists the show unveiled,” Trey Smith, senior business management major, said. “Every time I scroll past the show on Netflix, I still think about how crazy it was. Definitely one of the best shows I have watched.” 

This series left the viewers with a lot to unpack. It is such a twist that the average viewer would have never guessed, which made the thriller that much better. 

Cierra Southard

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