A long path that led to Cabrini

By Caitlyn Huebner
November 11, 2015

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Many young adults have the dilemma of not knowing what to do with the rest of their lives.  According to a study, 19 out of 20 graduates switched jobs within three years.  One of Cabrini’s newest staff members had this exact problem.

Eugene Ahn has been a part of the Cabrini community for a little over three and a half months as the social media manager.  His resume is unlike anything seen before.

“First of all, everyone at Cabrini has been very accepting because it’s not everywhere you can come with my resume and people would be cool with it,” Ahn said.  “Everyone’s been really excited about it.”

After graduating from The Ohio State University, Ahn’s future, like that of many students and new graduates, was unclear.

“I became a lawyer because I had no clue what I wanted to do after I graduated college,” Ahn said.

Many of his friends made the decision to take the Law School Admissions Test, or LSATS.  These measure reading and verbal reasoning skills.  Ahn decided to follow in the same footsteps.  After graduating from Emory School of Law, Ahn practiced federal law in Washington D.C. for a little over three years.  When he was not as happy as he could be, Ahn knew it was time for a change.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 5.26
Ahn is responsible for managing all of the college’s social media platforms. Taken from Cabrini College Twitter Feed.

He returned to his passion, music.

“I was obsessed with music as a kid,” Ahn said.

There was little room for Ahn not to love music.  Ahn’s mother took voice in college, was an operatic singer and a choir director.  His sister has her master’s in classical piano performance.  His father also plays guitar and piano.

While in high school, Ahn’s interest in hip-hop grew, as a freshman in college he began performing spoken word.  By his junior year, Ahn started making independent music on a computer in his room.  He and some fellow music-enthusiasts created a student performing organization where they would perform all types of concerts around town.

In 2010, Ahn made a song about Ira Glass, which gained national attention.  Ahn calls this his break-out moment.

“While doing it, I never thought this was going to be my job,” Ahn said. “I just did it ‘cause it was fun.”

As a musician, Ahn would travel six to eight months a year, three weeks out of each month.

“It’s exhausting,” Ahn said.

Now, he tries to travel for a weekend show once a month.  He most recently traveled to Baltimore, Maryland for a weekend show.

Through his music, Ahn would work with many universities doing student life events, trying to get those who typically wouldn’t leave their room, out.  Ahn worked with Rutgers University for about a year doing what he calls “nerdy activities.” His interests included “Dr. Who” and “Game of Thrones” marathons or playing games like Settlers of Catan.

Once the traffic from Philadelphia and New Jersey became too much, he started looking at universities in the Philadelphia area.  And thus, Ahn’s fate at Cabrini College was sealed.

Ahn is proud to say that the coolest object in his office is a giant corkboard.

“To me, having a desk and corkboard after five years of being an independent musician is amazing,” Ahn said.

  He and another musician were once talking about wanting to have a cubical where they could hang up pictures with thumbtacks.  People overhearing would always think they were crazy.

Ahn’s story is the an inspiring example to show others to do what they love.

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