A letter from the 2018-19 editorial staff

By Connor Tustin
April 25, 2019

Being an editor for a college news organization is no easy task. As the editors of Loquitur’s 60th year, we learned the many trials and tribulations that come with these positions. Although we had our fair share of challenges, we had many triumphs as well. 

Throughout the year our staff became closer and closer as we spent a majority of our Monday and Tuesday nights together for layout. However, the work was not just limited to those two nights. As a campus news organization, this truly is a 24/7, 365 days a year operation. 

Loquitur Media has been a part of our lives now for half of our college careers whether it has been our time as a staff writer or an editor. The two-year exposure to this program has given us all hands on opportunities that only an organization like the Loquitur could give us. 

From late nights in the communication wing, to learning how to write and edit in AP style, being a member of the Loquitur staff has truly helped us to hone our skills.

Although many people on campus may believe that we are just another organization, we strive to be much more than that. Our role of covering Cabrini University day in and day out, unbiased to the best of our ability is a job we take pride in. 

While some may agree with us and some may share differences, we relentlessly work to provide the facts and cover what truly matters on our campus as well as in the surrounding communities.  We recognize the fact that there will be people who may not always agree with what we have to say, but without that voice of reason, we would not be doing what we do. 

At the end of the day, being a student journalist has taught us many valuable lessons on-campus, but it has also taught us to pay more attention to the world around us.  

In an ever changing world, journalists play a huge role to the narrative of our society. At this time, many journalists are seen as the enemy but that should not be the case. Journalists are here to report out what needs to be reported on. We recognize the fact that not all stories will be agreed upon, but the public has the right to be informed. 

Due to the hostile circumstances that are seen around the world towards journalists, we have learned the true importance of the role that journalism plays in our society throughout our time as editors. 

Whether the members of our staff chose to go down the path of journalism or not, being a part of our campus news organization has taught us so many lessons that are applicable to a variety of careers and life experiences. 

Thank you to everyone who supports us through our website, print editions, social media platforms and YouTube channel. 

We know as student journalists we have much room to grow, but without an audience like ours we would not be able to do just that. 

Best of luck to the incoming editorial staff and to the future of Loquitur Media. 

Connor Tustin

Cabrini University Class of 2020 | Loquitur Editor-in-Chief for 2018-2019 school year | Former Assistant Sports Editor |

LinkedIn: Connor Tustin
Facebook: Connor Tustin
Twitter: @tustinconnor
Instagram: @tustdoit

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