Hospital norm becomes fashionable at Cabrini and around the world

By Lashay Smith
November 2, 2021

Hanging masks. Photo by Anna

Once a common sight in surgical rooms, masks are now worn by everyday people and are a part of a new fashion age.

Mask fashion has struck a new wave of attention and there are so many designs and graphics that are now printed on them and worn all over the world.

For the past year and a half, masks have made their way to our everyday fashion lives. We now have to make sure that the blue, black or even creative masks with pictures and prints on them will go with the next outfit or event. 

“I am a waitress so I prefer to have a fun mask because my customers like to comment on them but when I am on campus I like to wear a pink or blue mask which is more comfortable,” Haley Mchenry, special education major, said. 

People all around the world have embraced mask fashion. This is something that can now spotlight the creativity of many talented people.

For example, designers now make masks that are clear, with rhinestones, pictures of your favorite basketball players and much more. The list of the different types of masks are incredible and there are masks that will fit the styles of many. 

Zarsha Koolor in her pink mask. Photo taken by Marion Callahan.

Brands and small businesses have added colored masks and customizable masks to their sites to keep up with the new stream of fashion. Many brands and small businesses knew that there would be a huge need for them and that people would complain about having to wear plain, blue hospital masks. These brands have taken masks and made them appealing to everyone. 

Before Covid, masks were already a part of many individuals’ everyday life. We would see masks worn in hospitals, construction sites, car repair shops and many more places. Today, masks are now worn in work offices, classrooms, dining halls, dorm halls and even outside to protect one another from COVID-19.

People all around the world woke up one day and were instructed to wear masks. This struck so many people because everyone thought that the immediate need to mask up would last for two weeks but instead it turned into a year and ten months. Seeing someone everyday with a mask became something so normal and when there would be someone without a mask on, it seemed quite odd.

Take being on campus at Cabrini University for example with how students who were in attendance before COVID-19 were able to enjoy their time together without masks.  They were able to see the full faces of their peers and their professors, but now that there are mask regulations, the campus has become very different and students would like to see things go back to the way they were before COVID-19.

“It gets challenging, especially when we want to show off our face more than half of the time. It is also pretty hard to breathe in them but other than that, I believe that wearing masks gives us a safe feeling especially with COVID-19 going on,” Katirah Benjamin-Stokes, sophomore business major, said.

Toniann Gooden in class reading and taking notes. Photo taken by student.

Face masks are required at Cabrini University for all students, faculty and staff so there are many different masks that people could be wearing on campus. When figuring out which masks to wear it can be quite difficult but if there is an outfit that is planned out it will not be such a hassle. 

“It depends on what I am wearing or how I am feeling when it comes to picking which mask to wear. I would go with the regular blue mask when I am not dressed in any particular way,” Angelica Lara, senior digital communication major, said. 

If students would like to join the mask fashion train, they can find many cute and creative masks at  local retail stores or the seal office located next to the Grill. The Seal office will be more than happy to support mask fashion with a Cabrini mask. 

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Lashay Smith

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