5 things I wish I knew freshman year

By David Hare
September 13, 2019


Photo of Cabrini Mansion. Taken by David Hare.


Going to college for the first time as a freshman was a very nerve-wracking experience that I had been anticipating my entire life. I did not know much about college-going into it other than all of the stuff you see in movies and on TV, but I knew that I had a lot to learn.

I knew that it wasn’t going to be an easy task and that there would be many setbacks and hardships but, I knew deep down that college was ultimately the right decision.  Since I knew so little upon entering college, I thought that asking questions and getting involved would be my best bet.  Here are 5 tips when entering college that will benefit you as a freshman.

1.)  Write everything down in a weekly calendar.

Writing down assignments, due dates and meetings are important because you see your day visually mapped out in front of you and it becomes an easy way to stay on top of things.  I have kept an ongoing calendar since I entered Cabrini and it has been incredibly beneficial for me because some people like to see what they have to accomplish on a daily basis.

2.) Get involved right away.

Getting involved in different activities and clubs around campus makes the overall experience of college much more enjoyable and well rounded.  When you get involved as a college freshman, you start to build connections with people and learn different things about different organizations.

Going into my freshman year, I got involved playing club lacrosse and it allowed me to make friends right away and have a network of people to go to.  When you get involved, it also makes college much more of a fun time because you aren’t just focusing on work and are focusing on something you are interested in as a hobby.

Photo of the Cabrini men’s club lacrosse team. Photo taken by Jordan Clouthier.

3.)  Utilize academic resources on campus if you are having trouble with a class.

If you are not doing well in a particular class, you should seek out help from a professor or a tutor so you stay on track in the class. During my time as a freshman, I regularly visited academic resources when I was having problems with math and science courses. The tutors are there to help and make it very easy for you when times get tough in class and that is exactly what happened.

You should also never feel like you aren’t smart for going to a tutor because they are designed to help and get you through rough times.  Going to a tutor or any form of academic resource can impact your potential in any class and it benefits you in the long run.

4.)  Take care of yourself mentally.

College can be strenuous and if you do not set time aside for yourself to relax, you will quickly become overwhelmed and feel lost.  This happened to myself when I first entered college because I was set on attaining A’s in all of the classes that I soon overloaded myself because I was constantly doing work.  Setting time aside for yourself will cause you to enrich your experience and save you a lot of stress.  Being mentally happy is very important as well because college can be a very overwhelming place and when you don’t have downtime, it can get very intense.

5. Be yourself and have a great time.

School is important and the main reason you are attending college but if you are not having fun along the way it can be a very boring experience.  Making friends and hanging out on the weekends is one of the most fulfilling things you can do in college.  During my freshman year, I would always like to hang out with my peers after a long day and just relax.  Taking some time away from school and spending it with your friends is what college is all about.  Overall, in my freshman year, I learned a lot about myself and how to adapt to the college lifestyle.  It has not been an easy journey, but it is a journey I would recommend to anyone.


David Hare

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