5 special Valentine’s Day date ideas

By Victoria Boland
February 12, 2020

Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels
Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels

Love and appreciation are in the air. 

This Friday, Feb. 14th, is Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a day to spend with loved ones and friends. Most individuals exchange candy, cards and or flowers to show others they matter and are being thought about. 

Individuals may be stumped when it comes to ideas on things to do for Valentine’s Day like a date night or a simple get-together. Here are five special Valentine’s Day date ideas. 

Making Dinner With a Loved One or Friend: 

A lot of individuals go out to fancy dinners to celebrate Valentine’s Day. But what is more special than making

dinner with your sweetheart or even a friend. 

Victoria set up a romantic date night dinner for Valentine’s day. Photo by Victoria Boland.

This option will also be a way to keep the bill on the lower end since you can buy whatever you want and know you’re getting the best value. There are endless ideas of recipes to make. Most importantly you will be making memories with that special someone. 

Here are a few dinner ideas you could make on the big day.

“I think going to dinner and making dinner are both really romantic date ideas. Staying at home and making dinner sounds like a great way to bond since normally I do all the cooking. If my significant other and I were to do a dinner at home I would make shrimp alfredo with a salad and breadsticks, it sounds so yummy,” Angeline Mcgonigle-Mellace, sophomore criminology major, said. 

Painting with A Twist:

A perfect date is to do something a little different, usually something you haven’t done before. Painting with a Twist is a fun exciting way to spend a night out. Painting with a Twist is a great way to bond with that special someone. You can bring snacks, and if you are 21 or older you can bring alcoholic refreshments. The best part is that you don’t have to clean up the mess!

Usually, the reserved time slots are two hours long and range in price depending on the piece that is chosen. There is a local Painting with a Twist that community members and students can attend and reserve there spot for Valentine’s Day. Here is one of the paintings offered Friday, Feb. 14th, night. 

“Painting with a Twist is a fun date night for Valentine’s Day because it allows you to be creative and take a risk. You’ll both have an art piece to take home and insist that yours was better,” Charles Naber, junior finance major, said.

A Game Night:

A game night is an exciting way to spend Valentine’s Day with multiple individuals. A game night is a great date to bond while having a friendly competition. If you want to be crafty you could totally make Valentine’s Day-themed game like trivia to play with your guests.

Here are a few crafty ideas for making your own Valentine Day themed games.

Victoria’s creative card she bought for her significant other. Photo by Victoria Boland.

Stay In Movie Night:

What is better on a winter night than to cozy up under some blankets and watch a movie?  A stay at home movie will allow you to pick any movie your heart desires. Another positive to this Valentine’s Day date idea is that you could have an abundant amount of your favorite snacks and not have to pay an outrageous price like the movie theaters. 

“I think staying at home and watching a movie is better than going to a theater because you can cuddle up with a friend, significant other or family member and have a relaxing time in the comfort of a home. I would watch a scary movie with my significant other because I’m not much of a romantic person,” Kaitlynn Johnson, sophomore social work major, said. 

A Baking Night:

Victoria and her love one made rice krispie treats and donuts to make their evening just a little bit sweeter. Photo by Victoria Boland.

When February rolls around the stores start to bring out the pink and red themed chocolate boxes, cookies and other desserts. Why not have an eventful fun date night baking your favorite treats while bonding with someone you care about. There are endless options you could make like cookies, cupcakes, brownies or go a different route and make chocolate-covered strawberries. Yes, its more work but in the end, hard work always pays off and you get a sweet treat!

Here are some yummy dessert recipes if you try to have a Valentine’s baking night 

“I would make brownies for a baking night because I find them delicious and so does everyone else,” Matthew Lawson, sophomore graphic design major, said.

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Victoria Boland

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