Math: it’s black and white

By Anthony Hypolite
September 12, 2012

“Versatility, critical thinking and problem solving are one of the best parts of being a math major,” said Dr. John Brown, a math professor at Cabrini College.

“There are about 30 upperclassmen math majors at Cabrini College and it’s not a lot of people so for the most part we are all close so the students are familiar with other math majors and math professors,” Brown said.

“My small group of math majors are such a great group of students,” Brown said. “I would consider failing some of them just to spend another semester with them.” He said jokingly.

Terrell Knight, a senior math major, was never good at math from the start but he thought it was better to pursue something challenging rather than a field that was easier to him. When he graduates he is going to pursue insurance related science. When Terrell was a freshman he attended a Community College in Center City, Pennsylvania with an intended major of computer science

Terrell was always good in math since middle school and freshmen year in college he found himself wanting to be a math major but also considering a major in science but decided to stick with math. Dr. John took a lot of science classes that slightly coincided with his math classes. Brown said, “Math is mainly black or white with a very little gray because most answers in math are either right or wrong, and can be proven.”


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Anthony Hypolite

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