Editorial: Loquitur welcomes class of 2015 to Cabrini

By Laura Hancq
September 2, 2011

It certainly has been an unusually eventful week at Cabrini between the earthquake and Hurricane Irene. While these events certainly were on the minds of everyone on campus, they could not overshadow the most exciting time of the year, welcoming Cabrini’s new class.

The Class of 2015 is larger than the previous two years, with 389 students. It is also an incredibly diverse class with students coming from all different parts of the country and two international students.

The Loquitur editorial staff would officially like to extend a warm welcome to Cabrini’s Class of 2015. As upperclassmen, we reflect on this exciting time for the first year students and remember how it feels to be in your shoes.

Cabrini isn’t just a school for us; it’s where we live and where we have grown from teenagers into young adults. We look forward to sharing this home with you and we firmly believe you could not have picked a better one.

Why do we believe so whole-heartedly in Cabrini? Well, because it is truly a unique place. If you take advantage of it, Cabrini can provide opportunities that will change your life. From the administration to the faculty to the students, it is the people that make the difference.

People go above and beyond here for others and that really says it all.  Buildings and walls don’t mean anything; it is who is inside them that count. We’re sure you have all been told this when you were looking at colleges but we feel it is important to remind you because you are now officially a part of this community.  We hope that writing this for the students by the students will really help you take this to heart along your journey.

Above all, Cabrini is cooperative. Obviously faculty work with students, but almost just as much, students work with students and faculty work with faculty.

There are not many other schools where students coach each other in the classroom, such as through the classroom coach program, or where students actually gain internships and career opportunities through each other.  At the Loquitur, we believe that some of our best opportunities and experiences have come from working with each other and other students within and outside our majors.

Also, the faculty works with other faculty and administration members to coordinate classes and develop partnerships with valuable associations to benefit the whole community.  For example, Cabrini’s valuable partnerships with Catholic Relief Services and the city of Norristown allow students to broaden their worldviews while making a difference. While every school offers study abroad and mission trips, not many schools give students the opportunity to go to places such as Swaziland, Africa, along with faculty and administration.

Cabrini believes that these experiences will affect who we are in our adult lives, personally and in the work place. The ECG courses that Cabrini implemented in the new curriculum strive to form us into global citizens. The goal is that we leave this campus as informed individuals committed to the common good.

Trust us when we say that there are so many benefits to these experiences, especially when it comes to the job market, because companies appreciate students who care, can speak about valuable things they have done and have interests besides themselves.

Along with the cooperative environment of Cabrini, there is definitely something to be said for the size of the school. The intimate atmosphere is a great opportunity in and of itself.

People honestly know each other’s names.  After freshmen year, when you really start to get into your major, your classes will be with many of the same people throughout your tenure at Cabrini, including classmates and professors. Therefore, nobody becomes a number, instead you are a face with a name, personality, and goals, and usually they are known by everyone. You don’t have to go through it even remotely alone.

Perhaps the best example of how Cabrini is so special is that once a Cavalier, always a Cavalier. You can be a part of this community for life. Not only can your relationships with other students or faculty turn into lifelong friendships, the alumni support of current students and graduates is incredible. Because we are such a small community, Cabrini alumni continue to help and support each other through their professional careers.

While of course we want you to take our word on Cabrini, we would rather you just get out and live it. Remember, no two college experiences are the same and not every day is going to be perfect. Make Cabrini work for you, how you need it and how you want your college experience to be.

Welcome home, Class of 2015.

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Laura Hancq

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