10 ways to keep the rest of your semester stress free

By Elizabeth Krupka
April 14, 2010

With exams quickly approaching everyone is stressing out trying to complete all of the last minute work and on top of that study for exams.  Here are 10 ways to remain stress free for the end of the year and enjoy the last few weeks you have left of the semester.

1)      Manage your time wisely. So that you don’t have to stress out, set aside an hour or two every day to study for your exams so that you don’t have to cram all of the information in at once. Give yourself a chance to retain the information so that the night before you aren’t worked up about getting a bad grade and pulling an all nighter.

2)      Take study breaks. Now study breaks don’t mean three and four hours. Take breaks, go outside and get some fresh air. Walk around stretch your legs. You don’t want to feel as though you have been cooped up inside staring at the same pages over and over again. Even if you walk to the vending machines, give yourself a break.

3)      Exercise. Make sure to take an hour or two for yourself to hit the gym or walk outside, even if your exercise is walking to Wawa or a taking a group of friends to walk through Wayne or the beautiful Radnor neighborhood. Exercise because it is important for your schedule.

4)      Take a nap. Yes, I am encouraging you to sleep. Now you can’t sleep for hours and hours on end, but a 45-minute nap will allow you to re-charge your batteries and get your head on straight.

5)      Listen to your favorite music. If you’re the type of person who can study and listen to music, do it! It is a proven study that if you study with music sometimes your mind associates the information to the songs. Music can help you to study and do better on a test!

6)      Get good sleep. Don’t sleep with the TV on, the lights on or any other distractions near you. If you fall asleep with noise it is proven that you don’t get as good of sleep as you could. If you regulate your sleeping habits then you will be all set to study for the next days following!

7)      Surround yourself with positive energy. If that means staying away from a friend who has been moody, do it! Surround yourself with positive comments and people that way you are in a better mood and tackling your studying may not seem like it is a chore.

8)      Eat good meals. I know this is difficult, but try to eat regular meals and get on a good eating pattern. Eating is crucial for your schedule and can really help you stay positive during these stressful times.

9)      Learn to say no. You don’t have to do everything. I know that at the end of the year you also want to cram in last-minute memories with your friends, but you also don’t want to start off your summer looking at bad grades.  Say no so that you can truly focus on everything you need to do.

10)   Study efficiently. Take your studying seriously so that you don’t have to keep studying over and over again. Hit the library (where the hours are extended before/during finals week) and get your studying done quietly (or with headphones in if you prefer music). That way you aren’t getting annoyed with your friends and roommates who are trying to socialize with you in your room!

Keep reminding yourself that it is almost over. You only have a few more weeks until you get to lay on the beach and soak up some sun! Good luck with your exams and enjoy your summer!

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Elizabeth Krupka

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