10 ways to relax during finals

By K. Liam Shrader
May 9, 2014

1.  Exercise.  Go for a run, lift weights and let the stress sweat right out of you.  If you’re sitting around worrying about how you’re going to do on tests or how you’ll finish all your assignments maybe you need to get your body in motion and get the blood flowing.

2.  Go outside and don’t be bothered with technology.  Get away from the T.V. and put away your phone.   Now that it’s Spring go outside and find a nice quiet spot to hangout alone or with a friend and get away from the unnecessary stressors for a while.

3.  Take a hot bath.  Setting aside 30 minutes for a bath on the weekend is a really useful way to wash away the stress of the past week and get motivated to take on the next.

4.  Take time to reorganize yourself.  Fill out your planner for the week and know when you will do each task.  When you can see everything divided up throughout the week you will be more easygoing.  And clean your room.  Mom was right, you’ll feel better when it is.

5.  Make time for something fun.  It’s good to prepare for finals weeks, but still make time for a little fun to break it all up.  Get your friends together one night and go out to dinner, a movie, or anything that will make you laugh a lot.

6.  Sleep…  Get a full eight hours or squeeze in a cat nap, just make sure your recharging your body the old fashioned way, NOT by increasing your dosage of Red Bull and adderall.

7.  Meditate.  Sit in a quiet place, relax your body and focus on slow, deep breaths.

8.  Get a massage.  I’m sure you have a friend who is nice enough to give you a back rub if you ask.  However, if you have no nice friends, a massage at a spa close by would be a great investment.

9.  Read.  Getting lost in a book can be a great way to take your focus off of yourself.  Spend an hour inside someone else’s story and don’t worry about your own.

10.  Listen to music.  Find an album or playlist you love and listen to it in it’s entirety.  Even do it while you run and get kill two birds with one stone.








K. Liam Shrader

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