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LOQation Episode 11

This week on LOQation we hear from CRS about the conflict in Sudan and how students can help. The Cabrini College Theater presents “Lend Me a Tenor.”

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Cast of ‘Tenor’ lends audience good time

“Lend Me A Tenor” is a comedy set in a hotel suite in Cleveland, Ohio in ‘30s. The story revolves around Tito Merelli, a world-famous tenor; he is to perform the role of Otello, in the gala fundraiser for the Cleveland Opera Company. When Tito and his wife Maria arrive at the hotel, Tito is not feeling well and strongly needs to rest before his performance. Henry Saunders, general manager of the Opera House, tells his assistant Max to do whatever he can to get Mr. Merelli rested before the show. From there a mystery unfolds and the stage erupts in chaos for the rest of the characters.

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Michael Krencicki

At the age of seven, Michael Krencicki, had already found his passion in life, singing. Growing up in Havertown, Pa Michael’s first memories of music had much to do with the famous sounds of Broadway

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