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Lauren Conrad in PA

Lauren stayed until every last person with a wristband got the chance to come up and meet her and have their book signed.

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Sports Briefs

U.S. soccer team draws with Colombia in friendly match The U.S. men’s soccer team went to 4-5-4 after drawing with Colombia in a scoreless match Tuesday, Oct. 12. The draw adds to the U.S.’s three-year winless streak versus South American nations. The Americans finished it’s home stand of the 2010 schedule in front of 8,823 […]

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Gossip Girl Here

Nicole Richie, a mother of two, tells paparazzi to back off. Unhappy with photographers constantly parked outside of the school  her daughter Harlow attends, Richie wrote a letter to paparazzi agency X17. “I promise you that I am going to do a background check on each and every person that I see there,” Richie said. […]

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Warped body image an issue on campuses

More predominantly than most in Western culture, body image plays a huge roll in many people’s lives.

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People Poll: Cold weather mood changes

As the warm air seems to be disappearing and we head into mid October, winter is the next season to hit Cabrini College. Winter means cold air, snow, ice and dark dreary days. For some of these reasons many students find themselves dreading the winter and cold weather. Some students fear the effects that the […]

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