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Factory deaths brings attention to sweatshop clothing

People hear “fair trade” and they automatically associate it with food. However, fair trade takes on other forms as well. Fair trade has become much more of a topic of concern in the clothing industry. In light of 2013-factory crash in Bangladesh, fair trade activist have fought to help people understand the source of where […]


Costa Rica – A fair trade missed opportunity

Costa Rica (translated in English means “rich coast”) has established its coffee as being the most prestigious in the world, yet producers of coffee remain ignorant to the fair trade movement and impact it can have on their production.


Cabrini College: Fair Trade university bound?

It is difficult here at Cabrini to not be familiar with the phrase “Fair Trade.” The coffee and chocolate in Jazzmen’s are Fair Trade, there are Fair Trade seminars and many classes touch or focus on the topic. Cabrini College is one of twenty colleges and universities around the country on their way to becoming […]

Campus-wide forum addresses Fair Trade

Fair Trade University status is a way for a college or university to prove that they are truly committed to the use of fair trade products and implementation of fair trade principles. It is a title that the College has been seeking for several years now.

Global Gifts, which is located in downtown Wayne, provides novel and different gifts for the Main Line.

Wayne shop offers unique, fair trade experience

Looking for a truly unique shopping experience?  Stop by Global Gifts, a fair trade store in downtown Wayne, Pa for all the fair trade merchandise you can ask for. Everything in this store is handmade by men and women in developing countries around the world.  Items range from candles, pottery, pillows, scarves, statuettes and wall […]


Business on the other side of the border

Until you meet the person behind your steaming, aromatic morning cup of Fair Trade coffee, it is nearly impossible to envision the day-to-day agenda of those coffee farmers who work tirelessly to produce a single pound of java beans. This was the case Thursday, Sept. 16, when Rigoberto Contreras Díaz, a representative from Catholic Relief […]


Bookstore offers “Divine” options

People tend to feel guilty when eating chocolate but the campus bookstore might just rid one of their shame. The campus store has been providing Cabrini students, faculty and staff with fair trade chocolate for the past three years.