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Green Team hits the ground running

“Green team is a collaboration of students, faculty and staff who meet to discuss different campus issues with environmental connections,” campus minister, Stephanie Salinis, said.

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Green team needs your support

Would you be willing to take part in a campus-wide movement to make the school more sustainable?

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Pa. citizens weigh in on extraction tax

Local community members, students and faculty converged on the campus of Cabrini to discuss the economic ramifications for Pennsylvania if it does not enact a natural gas severance tax.

The issue has become a key topic recently due to relatively new technological advances that has allowed us to extract natural gas in the Marcellus Shale sedimentary rock formation.

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We can do more: being eco-friendly on campus

As the world around us begins to adapt to a greener attitude, students at Cabrini are putting a great deal of thought into their Ugg boots and lacrosse games.  They seem blinded and uncultured to the choices they make and how those choices are affecting our planet.  If you need proof, look into any trashcan […]

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Gas extraction raises serious issues for region

Communities across the state are polarized in a debate over natural gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale.

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Environmental discussion tackles pressing issues

What are carbon footprints? What really is global warming? What’s the cost of climate change to those around the world today and future generations? Why should we care? These are the questions that Dr. Eric Malm, assistant professor of business administration in Cabrini’s Business Department, tried to help the crowded mansion sunroom understand during his talk hosted by Cabrini Diversity Initiatives.

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The Gulf’s problems aren’t over yet

The situation in the Gulf is more than just an oil spill. The delicate environment of the area has been forever altered. The economy is spiraling downward with no signs of stopping. But what’s next?

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