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Higher Ed: Trade schools or 4-year colleges

In response to Cabrini’s news of lowered tuition, a comment in favor of going to trade schools was posted on the Loquitur website. Having experienced both the trade school and 4-year college environments, I had to share my thoughts on the very different paths to a career. Attending a trade school, specifically for computer training, […]

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Education is now more than just academics for colleges across US

Colleges, including Cabrini, create slogans to highlight the unique education that they believe they offer. “Do Something Extraordinary” and “Justice Matters” are just two of Cabrini’s claims.

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Declaring the right major for you

You go through 12 years of school, and constantly in the back of your head all you’re thinking about is what’s next? It felt like every year someone was there to ask the never ending question “What are you going to be when you grow up?” While for most children they all have a dream, […]

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A major decision: Shaping your future now

Chebi gives her insight on choosing her major.

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