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Snowed in… AGAIN!


With the winter we have been having, it is a wonder that we have had classes at all semester. Meteorologists keep making calls for up to a foot of snow repeatedly week after week, and it has created a sense of foreshadowing to whether or not school will be in session the next day.

I think most people can agree that waking up to a text or email stating that the college is closed and therefore you get to sleep in an extra few hours is a wonderful thing. However it starts to get old after the second time around or so.

To some, snow days mean building snowmen or cuddling up with hot chocolate to watch a movie, but I do not see them as catching a break. Almost as soon as I find out that I do not have to make my way from the dorms to Founders, I receive emails from my professors giving us work to make up for the lost class time. I understand that this is necessary for professors to stay on track with the syllabus, but my original “snowed in” plan did not have writing a paper or preparing for a quiz next class.

I am one of those people who will leave their room at 9:30 a.m. and not return until 10:00 p.m., and majority of my day consists of jumping from office to office and classroom to classroom to be involved with meetings or working on a new project. When classes are cancelled, all of the offices immediately shut down with them so I am not able to get the information I intended to for the day. That just means that I will have to wait until another day, when I typically have just as much running around to do, to make up for that lost time on top of every other errand planned.

And for all of the residents who drive on campus, one can not forget about cleaning off and digging their car out of their spot. The benefit is that public safety offers students shovels in exchange for their IDs, but the labor you have to physically put in is not in many people’s favor. The thing about taking care of your car in the snow is that it has to be done in a timely matter. If you wait too long until you are “finally ready,” there is a chance that the snow froze into ice and the dread of removing your car from the winter wonderland, it just got a whole lot worse.

If you are all about sledding, snowball fights and bundling up in three layers of clothing then it sounds like this weather is all for you, but I personally do not like being restricted by icy roads and closed office doors. There are only so many movies I can watch before my productivity motive kicks in and I start getting antsy from being trapped inside. Unfortunately the predicted winter storms are once again making their way to our area, which means odds are not-so-much in my favor. The snowmageddon continues on and at this point, I should learn how to adapt to the wintery lifestyle.

Lauren Hight

About Lauren Hight

Lauren Hight is a junior communication major and graphic design minor at Cabrini College. Besides being a staff writer for the Loquitur, Hight is a director for Campus Activities Programming (CAP) Board, captain of the Cavalier Dance Company, member of the LEADstrong program, student board member for Cabrini Day planning committee, SEARCH retreat leader, graphics team member for LOQation and on-air personality for Cavalier Radio WYBF F.M.

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