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Show-stopping Super Bowl commercials


Every year there is always an energy that surrounds the Super Bowl, the teams and the grand, show-stopping halftime performance (especially this year with Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers teaming up). But a considerable amount of hype also seems to encompass comedic and heart-warming undertones of the Super Bowl itself…the commercials.

Outside of the game plays, the flashy feat of the performers and the green and blue confetti that fell through the stadium, this years Super Bowl commercials overall did not disappoint—what with the fact that commercials only have about 30-60 seconds to make their point memorable. Many car commercials, M&Ms humor and Doritos cuteness infiltrated the televisions of many but there were ones that clearly stood out from the others. Certain commercials, though, did cause quite a stir as could be seen through any social media outlet.

Some of the funniest commercials of the night were filled with both humor and a hint of nostalgia. “Goldie” Ellen DeGeneres was featured in the commercial for Beats Music as searching for the perfect music to dance to in “The Woods.” Complete with fairy-tale like animals, such as owls, pigs, wolves and bears, Ellen went on a quest for some dancing music. As she tried two other forms of playing music, explaining that one was “too slow” and the other “too fast,” Ellen eventually found just the right one in Beats Music. The commercial ends hilariously with some of the animals and Ellen showing off some crazy dance moves and a parodied saying:  “And they all danced happily ever after.”

Another funny one of the night was a little take on ‘80s/’90s nostalgia. John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier reunited in a commercial for Dannon Oikos, reliving their “Full House” character days. Stamos is shown eating some of the yogurt, when suddenly some falls onto his pants. Playing off of the fact that a woman had just eaten the yogurt off of his mouth, a not so in-your-face raunchiness filled the air for a couple of seconds as to how the yogurt would get removed from his pants.  The commercial ends with Coulier and Saget appearing seemingly out of nowhere with Saget reverting to his “Danny Tanner clean-freak ways” and telling Stamos to take off his pants so they wouldn’t get stained. The phrase “Fuel Your Pleasure” ended the commercial with the woman walking out as Coulier and Saget continued to clean up the mess of the room coupled with the lasting hilarity from the days of “Full House” that they were all still living together.

One of the most memorable commercials of the night, which was also one of the most controversial was Cocoa-Cola’s “America the Beautiful.” This commercial was very simple yet packed a powerful punch of a message. The commercial contained the song “America the Beautiful” being sung in various languages from all kinds of different backgrounds and people. The commercial showed a great message of the diversity that is present in America and the sense of interconnectedness that we all possess. It even featured the creative hashtag #AmericaIsBeautiful.

Others did not think the commercial was so great. There was a complete backlash from some people who they were offended at the fact that the song was being sung in different languages, among other things. Some threatened that they would never drink another Coca-Cola product again. An even bigger blow to the commercial was when people actually began creating the hashtag #SpeakAmerican. To think that people actually had the audacity to make that ignorant-filled hashtag, which was actually trending on Twitter, was unbelievable to me.

Wonderful Pistachio was another hilarious commercial that definitely left a lasting impression, complete with Stephen Colbert and an eagle dressed in a suit. In a two-part commercial, Colbert spearheads the selling of pistachios…or lack of selling evidently as he says, “They’re wonderful, I’m wonderful…I think they’ll sell themselves.”  The second part of the commercial comes along with a “30 seconds later” title. Colbert, in a more promotional set, seems unmoved by the fact that sales of pistachios have not skyrocketed since the last commercial due to insufficient branding. He then begins to point to the bags and bowls sitting on the desk saying “pistachios” in a humorous voice. Suddenly, he cracks open his own head to reveal a pistachio—something that wasn’t exactly expected, which was what made it so funny.

Definitely the most heart-warming and feel good commercial of the night though was Budweiser’s Puppy Love commercial featuring “Let Her Go” by Passenger. Starting off showing a puppy adoption center, an adorable little golden retriever keeps escaping out of the adoption center’s fence. The puppy then runs into a barn where he meets one of the infamous Budweiser icon Clydesdale horses. Both animals lovingly nuzzle each other. Both animals then give a sad look as the puppy is being carried back to the adoption center. Eventually, the puppy is shown getting adopted and when the horse sees the crying puppy being taken away, it chases after the car while other horses block the driver from getting away. The hashtag #BestBuds is used as the two friends end the commercial playfully frolicking and reunited once again. This commercial definitely pulled at the heartstrings and left a lasting impression on the hearts of many.

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