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Summer tuition cut

With summer just around the corner, students are preparing for finals and soon after, a few months of time away from the classroom. For some however, summer is used as a time to get ahead in credits or to play catch-up. “I’m taking summer courses and the reduction in cost would definitely benefit me because […]

How far can the stress of applying to college go?

There it was sitting on the kitchen table waiting to be opened. As Nicolas Doyle, Randolph High School junior, located in Randolph, N.J., came home from school that day, he found five different packets telling him about different colleges that wanted him to apply. “Not gonna lie, when I saw those packets my stress level went through the roof,” […]

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LOQation News – May 1, 2014

This week, we have an exclusive interview men’s basketball head coach, Marcus Kahn, as he steps down to pursue a coaching position at Mary Washington University. We also look into the summer plans of the campus community and check out a variety of beach towns along the Jersey Shore.

The Nerney Leadership in Community Service Award was awarded to juniors Anna Giangulio and Laura Nagy. (Cassandra Phipps/Staff Photographer)

Nagy and Giangiulio rewarded for community service through Nerney award

The Thomas P. and Jill Nerney Leadership in Community Service Award promotes the “education of the heart.” Education of the heart not only promotes intellectual competence but strives for moral development while instilling a special concern for those persons who are in need. This year there were two recipients of the award, Laura Nagy and […]


What Cabrini College offered me

No matter what your heart is calling you to, please, follow it. Even when people don’t understand. Even when your every action is questioned…. At the end of the day, you will only have yourself and your heart to answer to. At the end of the day, were you true to your heart?


The ‘Wrath of Kahn’ comes to an end

After six years, Cabrini men’s basketball head coach Marcus Kahn has stepped down to take over the role of head coach at the University of Mary Washington. Kahn led the Cavaliers to the 2012 national title game, an elite eight appearance in 2013, a sweet 16 appearance in 2011 and finished with an overall coaching […]

Graphic design majors from all years present their creative products. (Noelle DiCioccio/Staff Photographer)

ICYMI – The 2014 Academic Symposium

The 2014 Academic Symposium brought out students from all class years to display their research and scholarly achievements on Thursday, April 24. The showcase of posters event drew campus administration, faculty and many students to the event in order to learn more on each students specific research.

I’ve got that summertime sadness

All of grade school, middle school and high school, when school is out, summer begins. Summer means endless days of fun, vacations, sun and very little work involved. In high school, some students start summer jobs, as a way to make some extra cash and kick start that good old work ethic. But, for the […]

Does putting a filter on a photo make it glamorous or

Instagram or Instaglam?

Instagram is taking over the world it seems. Well the internet world at least. I don’t think I make it through a day without either going on Instagram, or someone saying “should I Instagram this?” Instagram allows people to share their pictures. Pictures of anything. When you go on Instagram you see people posting pictures […]

Broke college student or life of luxury?

College is expensive. It is tempting or even the only option to work full-time instead to afford necessities or luxuries. Yet, it’s never too late to return to school, go into a new field and explore a passion. “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.” A quote which has always stuck with […]

Blake Lively sports a summer braid

Summer Fashion

Summer 2014 is going to be a hot one! This year’s fashion trends are all about black and white. Light tones are starting out already as early as spring and are going to work their way into the summer.

Aspiring Journalist

ASK Blue 26 – Aspiring Journalist

Dear Blue, I really want to write for the paper in the fall but I was told I have to take a course. I’m a little embarrassed because I don’t have the room to graduate on time or the money to take an extra course. Is there anything else I can do? Any ideas?


Multitasking? It’s impossible

Leland Taylor often goes to the library, sits at a computer and breezes through his assignments without distraction. But it wasn’t always this way for him. He used to sit in front of his laptop, watch YouTube videos, send text messages and use social media sites.

Junior Aaron Walton-Moss has racked up several awards in his time here at Cabrini, but not one as prestigious as this one. (John Howard/Staff Photographer)

Walton-Moss named NABC D-III Player of the Year

Aaron Walton-Moss was named the National Association of Basketball Coaches Division III player of the year. Aaron would like to thank his coaches, Cabrini and family members. “Without Cabrini I wouldn’t be here today, I am so grateful,” Walton-Moss said.

2 Cabrini classes lobby for the Common Good.

Students to advocate for global poor in Washington D.C.

Two Engagement for the Common Good (ECG) 300 classes have been preparing to represent Cabrini and the school’s principles of social justice in the nation’s capital. On Friday, May 2, 30 students lobbied before eight congressional foreign affairs aides.

Millennials: overworked and under appreciated?

The Millennial Generation – the teens and 20-somethings born after 1980, the first generation to come of age in the new millennium – tend to get the stereotype of being lazy, spoiled, and entitled. But they are also the generation that is trying to bounce back from the recession and find jobs after graduation.


Do you know what’s in your phone?

In the past 15 years, over 5 million people have been slaughtered, and 300,000 women have been raped, all at the hands of war and conflict minerals. While people around the world text, play games and Tweet all on their cell phones, millions of people have been and are continuously being killed for the minerals […]


Costa Rica – A fair trade missed opportunity

Costa Rica (translated in English means “rich coast”) has established its coffee as being the most prestigious in the world, yet producers of coffee remain ignorant to the fair trade movement and impact it can have on their production.