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Mainline Mincer Inc.–a new way of meeting people



According to general statistics about matchmaking  “there are 54 million singles in the United States.” 5.5 million of these people use a dating service.

Mainline Mincer Inc. is a new business that has taken on a new face. “We began as a matchmaking service,” founder of Mainline Mincer Inc. Brandon Mincer, senior, social work major said. “But we soon realized that people need more than just a match.”

General statistics showed that 64% of online daters expressed that common interests between people is of the utmost importance in finding a potential partner.

“The objective of Mainline Mincer Inc. is to help college students find love,” Mincer said. The company believes in giving tools to boost college student’s confidence as it relates to finding someone who is compatible with them.

Overall Mincer has been hearing girls say things like “there are no good guys at this school!” While guys are saying “all the good girls are taken, or they like to get silly.” Hence why often times college students complain about not being able to find someone.

“I want to put an end to that type of thinking,” Mincer said. “There are good catches out there, and I’m here to assist them.” Mincer believes in assisting those on a path to finding happiness with the person of their dreams.

Currently the business is targeting college-aged individuals. “We realized that there are people currently in relationships who need some advice,” Mincer said. “Advice on how to keep their relationship fresh.”

The first step would be contacting Brandon for help ( “Depending on what services they need, I do an initial interview via email,” Mincer said. If the person is looking for a dating advice, they would set up a time to meet. “It is during that time where we go into more depth about their concerns,” Mincer said. “And how I can be of assistance.”

For as long as Mincer can remember he has always loved helping people; especially since he is a social work major. “It is fitting,” Mincer said. Mincer is more than passionate about Mainline Mincer Inc.

“I figured why not help people find love,” Mincer said. “All you need is love.”



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