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LGBT controversy in Sochi ’14


Olympics Winter Games 2014, political messages and LGBT support are visible within the first days of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

The outfits worn by Germany during the opening ceremony in Sochi. (CC image courtesy of Frederik Hermann on Flickr)

The outfits worn by Germany during the opening ceremony in Sochi. (CC image courtesy of Frederik Hermann on Flickr)

With two gay inclusive television commercials and several surprises by both Russian games organizers and openly gay athletes it is no doubt that people want change and equality in Russia.

After the teams were seated a singing group identified as a “pseudo-lesbian” band called T.a.Tu which means, “this girl loves that girl,” according to the Daily Beast performed a song called “Not Gonna Get Us,” the song was about two girls in love. The two singers walked onstage hand in hand.

Countries such as Greece, Nepal, Venezuela and other sported rainbow fingered tip gloves during the opening ceremony on Feb 7th 2014. It is wonderful to see that some countries supporting human rights while being seen by the word.

Cheryl Mass of the Netherlands and out gay snowboarder showed cameras her unicorn and a rainbow-colored targeted glove after she fell during one of her runs. Viewers believe that this was a sign of LGBT propaganda. I also believe that this is true, to see how brave these athletes are to show their support for the community against a country were it is very dangerous to do so is inspiring.

Chevrolet had one of the most prominent televised moments during the game so far. One of the commercials showed different family configurations such as a two-dad and a tow-mom family. The ad stated, “While what it means to be a family hasn’t changed, what a family looks like has.” The other commercial showed moments of happiness thought life, including a gay male couple at a wedding ceremony. Some people say that this was a scene from gay wedding while others have their doubt.

It was upsetting to hear that the rainbow colored uniforms worn by the German team as they entered the stadium were not a statement in regards to Russia’s anti-gay laws.

It was hard to hear that in St. Petersburg off-camera police detained and arrested more than a dozen people 1,200 miles away from Sochi, on Friday for holding up rainbow flags saying, “Discrimination is incompatible with the Olympic Movement.”

Nothing is going to change overnight but inequality might change over time. Seeing how different people from different nations are coming together for change and showing the world how they support equality and human rights is definitely a good place to start.

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