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Lead stronger with Omicron Delta Kappa


Leadership is not only about leading a group of people or an organization. Leadership encompasses many facets and is something that is beneficial to everyone within student life, the academic realm and beyond.


Omicron Delta Kappa's logo.

Omicron Delta Kappa’s logo.

Omicron Delta Kappa is a national leadership honor society that is being brought to Cabrini College. This society is an addition to the multitude of other leadership opportunities that are now on campus, including the LEADStrong program, the leadership studies certificate and the new leadership minor. “It just made sense with everything that we were developing to bring this national organization to campus,” Anne Filippone, faculty secretary of Οmicron Delta Kappa, said. “There is a lot of potential for what it can bring to Cabrini and it gives students an opportunity to grow as leaders.”

In order to be considered for membership, students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0, be within the top 35 percent of their class, be either a junior or a senior and participate within the LEADStrong program, academic certification or the leadership minor. Once you are a part of the organization you are a member for life. Not only does this allow for students to work together and communicate effectively but it also presents opportunities for leadership conferences, networking, scholarships and grants.

“Leadership is so broad and a student in any major can benefit from the leadership initiatives that we are offering,” Filippone said. “It’s not only something that is helpful at Cabrini but extends beyond while looking for a job or for graduate school.”

The organization recognizes student leadership within five major phases of focus, including athletics; campus or community service; social and religious activities, and campus government; journalism, speech, and the mass media; creative and performing arts, according to Οmicron Delta Kappa’s website.


Faculty adviser Vonya Womack. (Morgan Williams/Staff Photographer)

Faculty adviser Vonya Womack. (Morgan Williams/Staff Photographer)

Both Filippone and professor Vonya Womack, along with student president Danielle Kane, have been working to establish this organization on campus. It has been a long process—finding a group of about 10 to 15 interested students, faculty and staff members, applications and petitions getting accepted and even an on-site visit from the organization to meet with the president and other key leaders.

Despite the lengthy process, this organization will soon be fully implemented and the first group of students will officially be inducted this spring. Filippone and Womack both held similar sentiments when saying how relieved and excited they are and how fantastic it feels now that the entire process is winding down.

Οmicron Delta Kappa will also present opportunities beyond just Cabrini—both in the surrounding community and even a global perspective. “We wanted to highlight leadership on a global context since it is such a huge part of business on a global basis,” Womack, faculty adviser, said. “You get to see what other leaders have done both good and bad.”

Everyone involved in Οmicron Delta Kappa has had some sort of leadership role and will really be able to help make a difference within both the Cabrini community and the surrounding community. “Omicron Delta Kappa is an honor society that will have members that will be continuing to lead on a day to day basis, volunteer, and help raise awareness of human trafficking on campus and in the community,” Kane, junior finance and international business major, said.

Now that Οmicron Delta Kappa is now almost completely established and waiting for the final approvals, some of the next steps will be getting the word out to other students, utilizing opportunities through the organization itself and be as active as possible. “We want students to see the value in participating in any leadership initiative on campus,” Filippone said.

Kane also mentioned how she wants other students to know what Οmicron Delta Kappa is and what they stand for. There are many big steps that Kane wants to achieve and make a difference within Οmicron Delta Kappa as president. “Some big things that I hope to achieve while being president of this honor society is get the Cabrini community aware of human trafficking and what it is. I want to hold an event that students can come to and learn what human trafficking is and how it has affected our country and the world,” Kane said. “I want to also try and get a leadership event on campus where local leaders in the community can come talk to the students. This event would be beneficial for any student and open to all of Cabrini to attend.”

The Nerney Leadership Institute is also a big part of putting together all the different pieces. The potential of the organization will continue to be developed as leadership is built in to be even more prominent on campus.

“It is establishing an avenue for their leadership skills and to develop interest for others in the aspect of leadership,” Womack said. “It’s something that’s a big deal for Cabrini—it goes along with the Nerney Leadership Institute and gives students the opportunity to explore, participate and educate others.”

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