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Hoop scoop: women’s basketball starting at full speed

(Brittany Peoples/Staff Photographer)

(Brittany Peoples/Staff Photographer)

Holding second place in the CSAC standings, Cabrini’s women’s basketball have been ruling their current season with only one loss against Connecticut College at the very beginning of this year’s season . It appears as though the Cavaliers are maintaining their momentum from their previous season. The team not only won the title of CSAC Champions but made it to the NCAA tournament.

This season seems to be equally as promising. When looking over the progress of the season thus far, it is hard to ignore senior guard Brittany Sandone. Scoring her thousandth point in the Battle of Eagle Road, Sandone led the team in scoring last season and is on her way to continuing this during the 2013-2014 season.

Alongside Sandone in their impressive scoring is junior forward Amber Keys. Between her and Sandone, Keys has been the leading scorer for three out of the last six games, falling behind Sandone by only five points.

Some other key players making this season’s success are junior  Megan Decker holding the most rebounds for the season at 10 along with senior Annie Rivituso.

While every player may not be listed under being a leading scorer or rebounder, each and every member of this team is proving to be an asset to these girls’ success.

One of the interesting things about this team is the diversity of ages of all the players. Freshmen dominate in numbers with six current players and juniors hold the lower end with only two players. This simple fact shows how talented each player is. It is not merely one grade taking over the court but rather the contributions of each class that lead up to the greatness that makes up this team.

It is not only the number of wins that they are accomplishing that makes this season so prominent but the points that are gained in each game. The girls’ keep an even amount of shutouts and close calls to keep the fans guessing even if the confidence in this team is always there.

Their only loss occurred by a mere ten points while their most significant win was to our across the street rivals by 35 points.

With Cabrini athletics appearing in 11 NCAA tournaments in the last two years, it is no surprise that our women’s basketball would uphold the tradition of athletic excellence. We are only a few games into the season at this point but I believe the wins will keep coming.

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