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This month there will be lots of love going around, because of Valentine’s Day of course. But where does the feeling of love come from? Your heart.

It is Heart Health awareness month. This is the 50th birthday of the holiday.

Not everybody this month will think about the importance of their heart, they will just be thinking about the holiday. Most people do not think about how important their heart is. They eat unhealthy foods and do not exercise the way they should. Many get heart disease, have a heart attack or find out they need a heart transplant. These are all consequences from not taking care of your heart the way you should.

Sadly, not even the healthiest people can help themselves from needing a heart transplant. People who are healthy are sometimes are not even born with a healthy heart. They can be put on a machine to keep them alive until they get news that they are able to get a transplant. The most startling thing is that some people are not aware of this. They just continue to harm their healthy hearts when there are others out there who would kill to have a heart or to even be able to live a healthy life.

People should be more mindful of the things that they do. To help your heart be healthy and strong, you should eat healthy food and have a healthy exercise routine. Your heart is a major organ that pumps blood throughout your body, and without that you cannot live.

I do not think that everyone is aware of how badly not taking care of your heart can be. Usually people wait until it is too late, like when they are older. The older you get the harder it become for you to be healthy. You should start at a young age taking care of yourself, so that you can live a nice long healthy life with no major, or even minor, difficulties that will stop you from doing what you want.

You only live once right? So why not make it a great one. One that you will be able to look back on in your old age and say I did so many things. And I would not have been able to do those amazing things if I was not healthy enough.

This month you should go get a regular check up, and see if your heart is okay and healthy. It is not too late to start doing the right thing, and get yourself on track with a healthy lifestyle. Also, do not forget to share your heart with someone special this month. Love and laughter does make the heart stronger and live longer.

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