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How far is too far when it comes to diets?


With all of this snow, people seem to forget that spring is right around the corner, which means bathing suit season. Time for the excessive amounts of Twitter and Instagram posts of people talking about how much weight they need to lose before swim suit season officially hits. Since swimsuit season is relatively close, people are trying to find a fast and easy way to lose the extra pounds that they have been hiding under the baggy sweaters, sweatpants and scarves. The easier the diet, the more people seem to go to that method to lose a certain amount of weight in a short amount of time.

The detox diet has many different methods and is becoming more and more of a mainstream thing to do. There can be different ways to go about the detox diet to lose weight, but all have the same desired result; to lose weight fast and easy without much work. I think many of these diets are just ways to take weight off and then gain it back again as soon as you go off of the diet. This is a waste of time if you want to lose wight and keep it off, not just while you’re on the diet. I honestly feel like these diets have much more negatives than positives.

The different types of diet detoxes can vary from fasting during a period of time or just drinking juices. Not one of these diets sit very well with me. When you’re looking for a certain diet you’d like to try out I definitely do not think “I wanna be hungry all the time and drink juice all the time.” This crazy diet has all types of downfalls that I just wouldn’t want to put my body through. The juice cleanse may help you shed  those extra pounds but will set your body off into a roller coaster of confusion with the lack of things you are feeding into your body. You ultimately end up putting your body into starvation mode.

I’m sure there are many good reasons people have to go on these detox diets, but to me it’s just insane to do this to your body. Many celebrities rave about going on these detox diets including Lauren Conrad, but I really wonder how amazing it really is for your body. There is always a right and wrong way to do things.

I personally think the detox/ juicing diet is not for me. I like food and I like eating whatever I want when I want. I wouldn’t want to restrain myself from just eating juice for a period of time. It’s just crazy to me. I recommend when thinking about going on this diet do your research because it can really go a long way and help you make a decision on if and when you want to start doing a detox diet.

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