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Facetime: connecting long-distance Valentines


A stunning vase of red roses and hydrangeas perched on the front step of my house was a very pleasant surprise when I had no plans or date last Feb. 14. On the holiday of love and affection , my plans were to sit at home with my family as I had done most other years.

Slater McCue and Kylie McDevitt

Slater McCue and Kylie McDevitt (Kylie McDevitt/Submitted Photo)

Although this is not a case of the girl who cries lonely Valentines Day; taking to twitter and facebook claiming to be undateable, forever single and stressing that she is an independent woman that can buy herself chocolate! I had a boyfriend. You see, dating an athlete is great, but when their opening series is in Miami and it just so happens to be over Valentine’s Day weekend, you can get a little bitter.

A year before last, our first Valentine’s Day together, I drove up to Rutgers and we went to a romantic dinner at our favorite spot, but you can’t always be that lucky.

Going even further back in time, growing up, every Valentine’s Day, my father would leave me a small box of chocolates or candy hearts because he was the man in my life. Now, my boyfriend has taken on the responsibility to please my sweet-tooth on the special holiday.

Valentine’s Day is not only a one- sided story. Last year he arrived at his hotel to a box of chocolate-covered-strawberries and a note reminding him how much I care about him and wishing him luck on the start of his baseball season.

This year we will be forced to spend the day apart again, but when you love someone do you really need just one day to prove it?

I think couples should buy chocolate for each other regularly and remember to do small gestures of love as a constant reminder that their significant other is always on their mind. If you really love each other, you’ll let your boyfriend or girlfriend buy you candy on the 15th because with the amazing sales, you’ll get more and they’ll spend less.

There are many other opportunities throughout the year for someone special to take you out to dinner or give you flowers, so don’t stress that the most popular day to partake in those activities is quickly approaching. And let’s be honest for a just a second, you go to Cabrini, and if your bill looks anything like mine, good luck finding the funds on short notice to pamper someone or someone who has the funds to pamper you.

FaceTime will be my cheap date night this Friday, but considering the circumstances I couldn’t ask for anything better. When cupid swoops in to shoot people with his heart arrows, my boyfriend and I will be approximately 1,188 miles apart, but we will be sure to remind  each other what the day is really about.

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