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Delta Epsilon Sigma finds its way back to Cabrini’s campus


Delta Epsilon Sigma (ΔΕΣ) is a national scholastic honor society for students at colleges and universities with a Catholic tradition.  It is also one of the newest honor societies to (re)start a chapter on Cabrini’s campus this year.

Junior Jennarose DiGiacomo being inducted into Delta Epsilon Sigma (Amy Held/Staff Photographer)

Junior Jennarose DiGiacomo being inducted into Delta Epsilon Sigma (Amy Held/Staff Photographer)

Delta Epsilon Sigma was founded in 1939 to recognize academic accomplishments, to foster scholarly activities and to encourage a sense of intellectual community among its members.  The Delta Xi Chapter will serve as Cabrini’s chapter of Delta Epsilon Sigma.

The society has been an active part of the Cabrini community for many years.  “Unfortunately in 2011, with changes in staffing structures, the society ceased to be active.  We are bringing it back in 2014 and our goal is to create a student-led society that will be active in service and social justice no matter what faculty or staff changes there are,” Tom Southard, staff advisor, said.

According to Dawn Francis, faculty advisor for the society, the society has been on campus since she was a student.  “I was inducted into Delta Epsilon Sigma as an undergraduate at Cabrini,” Francis said. “This time, the chapter is being reinstated on campus under the leadership of Tom and myself.  We will jointly lead and advise students in our roles.”

To join the Delta Xi Chapter, students “need to be more than outstanding scholars. We are seeking leaders who live by Cabrini’s core values,” Francis said.  “Our goal is to create a society based on scholarship and a commitment to social justice.”

Over time they [Francis and Southard] would like to have members actively involved with social justice issues and become “recognized as leaders for The Common Good.”

The Catholic tradition of the society is best illustrated through Pope Francis, Bishop of Rome.  “Pope Francis, both in his actions and his words, has called upon all of us to recognize the inherent dignity in one another and to serve those in need.  Students who demonstrate scholastic achievement in Catholic colleges and universities bear a unique responsibility to use their intellectual competency, discipline and determination to address social inequities in the world,” Francis said.

Francis and Southard hope members “come to see themselves as agents of change, fully empowered to make a difference through their commitment to service.”

Honor cords will be distributed to members to be worn at graduation.  Francis reflected, “I still wear mine each year.  I have since graduating from Cabrini.”

Southard  concluded, “I see the potential that Delta Epsilon Sigma has in connecting students to their communities, to social justice and to service.  Overall, we just want to see more opportunities on campus for students to work to change their corners of the world.”

The newest members of the Delta Xi chapter will be initiated on Tuesday, Feb. 25.  Francis meaningfully concluded that, “Students’ induction into the honor society is the beginning of their journey to serve and foster meaningful change in their communities.”

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Dan Luner is a sophomore communication major at Cabrini College. He is currently photo editor as well as a staff writer for The Loquitur. Dan also helps as an assistant coach for Cabrini's roller hockey team and spends his summers interning at Upper Darby Summer Stage.

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