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Opinions from editors, staff writers and members of the college community.

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More men and women in college are deciding to live their lives, have fun and find their careers instead of getting married right away.

Say yes to the career, not the dress

When I was little, I did not know much about my parents lives before me. Obviously, in my child-aged brain, they were married before they had me but that is  all I really knew. As I grew up, I learned a little more about where my parents were born, where they grew up and what […]

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Society places high standards on women’s beauty, many people suffer from body image issues and diseases.

Sorry society, I am not giving into you today

Imagine shaking as hunger cuts you deep down to your core because you skipped breakfast and lunch. Face pressed against the toilet hoping that you will soon have a body like the girls in the magazines. We have been there. I get it. We live in a society where achieving a look of skin and […]


Passion for music—the thrill of live concerts

 Music is an annoyance for some and a way of enjoying life for others, but the experience of a live concert that connects fans and artists can be extremely magical. It is important to note that there are different kinds of concerts. For example the rules and ethics of a classical concert requires silence and quiet […]

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Clarkson performing at the 2013 Grammy’s. The singer has been criticized for her appearance but responds with empowering messages.

Kelly Clarkson shakes off hateful tweets

Kelly Clarkson is one of America’s sweethearts; a powerhouse vocalist, singer, songwriter and the first winner to grace the American Idol stage. The 32-year-old singer has been in the spotlight ever since she tearfully sang “A Moment Like This” as she accepted her “Idol” win as a 20-year old. Fast forward12 years and the singer […]

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The Dominican Republic is a country rich is culture and history. Cabrini students have Dominican heritage.

Embrace Spanish culture, not stereotypes

Spanish culture is a very popular culture and talked about considerably these days. At Cabrini College there  was not a lot of diversity on campus. Now, Cabrini College is trying to expand their diversity and experience a different environment on campus.  The majority of the Spanish people at Cabrini are from the Dominican Republic. They get offended […]

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The Disabilities Resource Center, located in the hallway outside of the cafeteria, offers help for students in need. Above: Poster of Celebrities with Disabilities outside the center.

Accepting and accommodating students with disabilities

Words to describe people with disabilities are amazing, smart, kind and misunderstood. In our society, students with disabilities are looked upon as unequal and not intelligent because they seem slower than other people. Many times students with disabilities get teased and sometimes even bullied in school because they are seen as less capable than their […]

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Facebook updated its feature to report suicidal content and keep users safe.

Facebook steps its game up with suicide prevention

Every now and again we hear people talk about the negative impacts of technology and social media. Well, for those who love to hate, here is something to appreciate. Facebook is helping individuals through social media who may be going through a rough patch in hopes of the prevention of suicide. Still interested? Here’s how […]

Find your passion in college

  Determination is setting goals for yourself and making sure you achieve those goals by any means necessary. This is exactly what I have done my entire life; never giving up and always fighting until the end. I believe dreams do come true and I believe you can do anything in this world if you […]

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Emma Watson took to Twitter to put a halt to dating rumors.

Emma Watson shoots down royal dating rumors

Emma Watson, who we all grew up admiring as the precocious Hermione Granger in the “Harry Potter” movies, could be dating a Harry in real life. To be exact, Prince Harry of Wales, the bad-boy with ginger hair that is fourth in  line to be King of England. This is what dreams are made of. […]

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Cabrini is not known for it’s Greek life. It may not be as crazy as the movies, but embraces charity and sisterhood. Is it worth the cost to join?  Below:  Logo of Delta Xi Phi, a multicultural society with 23 chapters.

Pledging Delta Xi Phi— is it worth it?

Most members of any sorority would say it is about “being part of a sisterhood” which is the most cliched response of all time. This could be true when seen on the surface but as most of us know there is way more substance than what is on the surface.  Nowadays society has portrayed sororities […]

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Room pick is quickly approaching. Do you know where you want to live on campus next year?

Winning the room pick lottery

As the winter is coming to an end, room pick is getting closer and closer. Seniors will graduate, juniors will become seniors, sophomores will turn into upperclassmen and freshmen become a little more relevant. The way that room pick works is simple. Seniors go first followed by juniors which is followed by, well you get the point. Freshmen […]

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Kanye West ,yet again, made nasty comments about those that won music awards, and not Beyonce. Below, West’s infamous interruption of Swift’s acceptance speech in 2009.

Kanye West demands that awards go to Beyonce

Infamously the rapper has rudely opened his mouth once again. Among the winners of the 57th  Grammy awards was Beck, The artist took home the Album of the Year award, beating the night’s top winner  Sam Smith  and even Beyonce. Kanye West  was once again unhappy with Beyonce’s loss to Beck and  reportedly told E! news after the show “I just know that […]

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Students remember 19-year-old Millersville freshman Katie Hall .

Millersville tragedy brings dating violence close to home

“It will never happen to me.” Young people think we are invincible. Nothing bad could ever happen, not really. We listen to the news rattling off terrible tragedies and events as though they are stats from a sports game Karlie Hall, an 18-year-old freshman at Millserville University was killed on Sunday, Feb. 8. Hall was […]

Spring break is almost here. Cabrini ‘s break is Feb. 28-March 8. Are students jetting off to tropical locations or spending time at home?

Is spring break too early this year?

With no holidays in the spring semester besides Easter, we all bank on spring break. Spring Break is a week off of school, to go anywhere you want or just head back home to see friends and family. Some people define spring break as a week where all the dumb kids go to Cancun and […]

Students do not need to send in SAT scores when applying. However, students will not be eligible for the honors program or some affiliate programs without the scores. Is there too much pressure placed on SAT’s or is this move making Cabrini a joke?

Students are no longer required to submit SAT scores

Ahh, SAT’s. The anxiety, the sweat, the tears—we all remember. But uh-oh, what’s this? The SAT’s and ACT’s will be optional for students applying to attend Cabrini? We filled in little circles to the point that carpal tunnel seemed like it was just around the corner. We paid for tutors and SAT preparatory classes. We worked our […]

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Celebrate love this Valentine's day! Go out with friends and live up the night!

Celebrate love and live it up this Valentine’s Day

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is thought of as a romantic, lovey-dovey holiday made up by corporate America so that they could make a little extra profit off of lovesick couples for a day. Some know Valentine’s Day as associated with St. Valentine who is recognized in some religious denominations and is occasionally portrayed as a cherub […]

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Couples on campus can spend a lot of time together. Meeting up is only a walk down the hallway. Yet people should enjoy their time and value the friends and relationships that will last a lifetime, and forget what is temporary.

To date or not to date in college?

College is a once-in-a lifetime experience. During this time meeting friends and making memories that last forever is always such a blissful thing. But there comes a time when you stumble upon someone who takes your heart and never lets go. Dating in college can be rough. Meeting someone for the first time who lives […]

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Girls and women are forced into human trafficking, or prostitution. There are many stereotypes surrounding prostitution, yet girls are targeted and often times forced into situations they do not have a way out of.

Prostitutes are forced into their trade

It doesn’t matter where injustices are happening, it matters that they are happening at all. That’s why we dedicated an entire issue to discuss human trafficking and the thousands of voiceless women and men that are trafficked each day. Why should students care? Why does it matter that people across the world or country are […]

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Dating off campus ensures that you can spend time chasing your dreams and goals without distractions at school and truly enjoy spending time together outside of school. Remember to always value yourself first.

Making time for your goals is easier when dating off campus

College is a time for experimenting. Students come in as a marketing major and leave with a criminology degree. First year students have never had alcohol before and by the time they leave, their favorite hour is happy. Friend circles rotate and students really find themselves while at school. But, the question is, is college […]

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Dancer Maddie Ziegler clings to the curtains in Sia’s “Chandelier” video.

Sia’s Elastic Heart video–creepy or artistic

Sia charmed with another hit, “Elastic Heart,” released this year. As the song floated through my mind, blaring on high from my Pandora app, I pictured Sia or some actress singing, looking into the camera with big, blue-crying eyes with  rain slowly falling down a  grey backdrop. The whole scene would suddenly burst into color […]

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College leaves students drowning in a sea of debt while other may breeze through without loans. Working in college can help build character and organizational skills.

Broke college student or living a life without loans?

College is supposed to be the time of our lives, where we make lasting memories and focus on our futures while living stress free. But that isn’t the case and the main reason is money. A college kid trying to get their hands on some cash is equivalent to Charlie Brown trying to kick that […]