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Opinions from editors, staff writers and members of the college community.

Politicians need to change their ways for new generation

At what age do you start to form your political identity? Politics is known to be such a touchy subject when discussing your views to someone with different views. Is our generation known to be clue less on politics? How can you have knowledge on a particular subject when no one is allowed to talk […]

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Handler interviews guest Jennifer Lopez on her E! show, Chelsea Lately.

Chelsea Handler joins Netflix bandwagon

Chelsea Handler headlined her own show on the E! network for seven years. The brazenly funny blonde girl from Jersey became a hit with fellow comediennes, guest stars and viewers alike. Chelsea is unapologetic and would playfully bash her on network. She never took herself too seriously, even though she is a business and comedic […]

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Offering a $7.99-a-month subscription, people started to grasp onto the Netflix concept and have been loyal customers ever since.

Binge-watching Netflix is the new craze

Whether you’re staying up to binge- watch every single episode of “How I Met Your Mother” or watching all the classic Disney movies, Netflix is your best friend. Starting out in 1997 as a flat-rate DVD subscription, Netflix has been on the rise ever since. Netflix changed over to the world of the Internet in […]

Erica Abbott/ News Editor The September 11th Memorial reflecting pool is constructed on the original site of the towers.

“I had a meeting in the North Tower”

When the towers fell, my classmates and I were sitting in our classroom having just recently started the second grade. No one knew what was going on. We turned on the television and, amidst the confusion, the parents started picking up their children at school.

Remembering September 11th —A teacher’s lesson

We gathered every week in the library. It smelled of old books and teacher Irene’s coffee. I was so used to this repetitive schedule. Every week we had a day where we went into the library and spent some time learning about reading comprehension and why reading was so important.

A step in a new direction

My seventh grade teacher was the one who first planted the seed in my mind that my writing was something that could fuel the rest of my life. What started as mere encouragement to pursue my talent became so encompassing that I then fit my life around that idea.

Make this year your best

New school years are almost like New Year’s Eve: rung in with the glitz and glamour of parties, hanging out with friends, relaxing during syllabus week and the rush of the first few days back on campus. Soon all of those goals for the year start to fade away and chaos begins.

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Diane Sawyer and David Muir on “World News Tonight.”

News needs a revamp to engage students

In the beginning of the twenty-first century, college students around the country had limited resources for keeping up to date with news and current events. During this particular time period, it was common for most students to take in their daily dose of news through popular forms of media such as traditional newspapers and magazines. […]


Sexual assault and slut-shaming

“She was acting slutty… It was her own fault… she shouldn’t have drunk so much then.” Recently, cases of sexual assault at universities as prominent as Notre Dame and Swarthmore have been in the news.  In addition, a nationwide movement of students has charged that colleges are not handling cases properly, resulting in what is […]


What Cabrini College offered me

No matter what your heart is calling you to, please, follow it. Even when people don’t understand. Even when your every action is questioned…. At the end of the day, you will only have yourself and your heart to answer to. At the end of the day, were you true to your heart?

I’ve got that summertime sadness

All of grade school, middle school and high school, when school is out, summer begins. Summer means endless days of fun, vacations, sun and very little work involved. In high school, some students start summer jobs, as a way to make some extra cash and kick start that good old work ethic. But, for the […]