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Kayne West to run for president in 2020

Just as we thought it could not get worse for politics than to have Donald Trump running for president, news comes out that Kanye West intends to run in the 2020 presidential election. In an interview with Vanity Fair in late September, Kayne had a lot to talk about. The interview was mainly all about […]


Transitioning from the East side to the West side

When I think about the many places I have stayed and lived, my freshman and sophomore dorm rooms are not up there amongst my favorites. Communal bathrooms, smaller rooms and strict policies for signing guests in are only a few things that can make the east side of campus a bit less enjoyable. After a […]

Music that college students across the country listen to vary. Graphic designed by: Katie Muska

Music shaming creates unnecessary conflicts

A popular topic trending throughout the years that we do not commonly notice 100 percent of the time is called “music shaming.” Music shaming is the discrimination between two people or groups because of difference in music genre preferences and opinions. The two most frequent music fans that I see voicing their opinions to each […]

Planned Parenthood statistics as of 2014

Plans for Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood has definitely made headlines lately and it has not been very positive. I do not really know how I feel about the whole Planned Parenthood situation. I am in the middle and I will tell you exactly why. First let us start off with this: if you are pro-abortion I cannot respect you. […]


Are engagement rings still necessary?

Everyone has their own perspectives on engagement rings. Engagement rings are a form of a promising, everlasting future with your partner. In some cases, people can consider engagement rings as a symbolic instrument. There are various reasons why people decide to actually spend thousands of dollars on a ring, too. Engagement rings are a momentous […]


No thanks, I’ll eat somewhere else

When I think about Cavs Corner, my mind immediately rejects the thought. I instead ask myself if it is time for meal exchange at Jazzman’s or the RAC. I would even hope my friends would ask if I wanted to go off campus and visit Chipotle or Taco Bell or purchase a week’s worth of […]


‘Positive’ discrimination is not so positive after all

Affirmative action, also sometimes referred to as positive discrimination, is the act of seeking out a minority group that would typically be discriminated against in other cultures or situations in order to try to diversify the candidates for hire. It is a policy that has been around since the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s […]

Find the right brush for the right project

How social media affects lives

Social media has been all over the world for years now. It has hundreds of millions of users and is something that most people use every day. However, in some cases, social media can also lead to trouble. With social media being so prevelant, people can become addicted, whether it is to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram […]


Should Catholic colleges become more secular

I was raised Roman Catholic all my life, but I do not consider myself a religious person. During my college search, I did not seek out Catholic colleges, but rather ones that were small and had amazing communication departments. I went to public school. In my experience, when people my age asked me where I […]


Does Cabrini offer enough on-campus activities?

As a full-time commuter student with a part-time job, I do not go to many on-campus activities provided by Cabrini. However, when I was living on campus freshman year, I went to a lot of activities on Cabrini’s campus. The activities I went to freshman year were dances, bingo, quizzo and homecoming activities. This year, […]


The government should not have a say in everything

The government needs to have a say on certain topics, but not on all of them. There are many different topics in this country that are controversial, but the government chooses to participate in some and not in others. Marriage You should already know that everyone now has the right to marry whomever they want, […]


Gender neutral housing is the new trend among college campuses

Over one hundred colleges in the United States have opted in to be a part of “gender-neutral” housing where female students can now live in the same room as male students. Not only are public universities starting this trend, but private, Christian colleges are getting involved in coed dorms as well. The University of Pennsylvania, […]


Your college identity is more important than your relationship

Out with the old and in with the new. The transition from high school to college is an exciting new chapter in life but–if you are in a relationship–things might get complicated. For some, it is completely exhausting trying to keep that relationship alive. College is a new lifestyle for freshman students, which takes a […]


Celebrities’ influence on youth: is bad behavior their fault?

We are in a generation that is continuously getting faster and being able to share and store more and more information. With applications like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, it is just extremely easy these days for kids to find any information and share it with their friends. With that, you have kids following their favorite […]

preggo kim

Has Kimye taken their baby name too far?

North West, South West, East West, Wild West–all of these names have been stirring around when it comes to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. But rumor has it that the hot celebrity couple plans on going a different direction when it comes to naming their second child: “God Yeezus West.” You have got to be […]


Duggar family troubles are 100 and counting

I honestly cannot remember the first time I heard it, or who it was that said it to me first, but one saying that has stuck with me for the longest time is, “what is done in the dark always comes into the light.” If there was one saying that can perfectly describe the mess […]


Relationship quitters resorting back to ‘ghosting’ others

Have you ever been in a relationship and out of nowhere, the other person just stops talking to you? An old fad in relationships has once again reared its ugly head in recent media. This dating technique is referred to as ghosting. There are no explanations, no calls, no texts and no contact whatsoever. Nothing […]

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Education takes advantage of digital advances

Over the course of the years, colleges have significantly increased the amount of technology used both in the classroom and out. To hear news, events and emergencies, students flock to social media to learn all the latest happenings. Teachers depend on sights like BlackBoard for assignment submissions, tests and quizzes and, for some, lecture notes. […]

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Contraception contradictions: Catholic colleges provide sexual health care

sIt is a well-known tradition in the Catholic world that people practicing the religion should not use contraception. Abstinence, or self-restraint from sex, is preached. Birth control, condoms and other forms of pregnancy prevention are not encouraged in this religion. If these are the beliefs of this faith, then technically Catholic schools are going against […]

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Should Trump be President?

Donald Trump is a successful businessman, but I do not think he will be a good president. Trump ran for president back in 1999 and dropped out in February of 2000. He is running for president again in the 2016 presidential election with the slogan “Make America Great Again.” During the campaign, he has told […]

ariana grande

Donut Be Like Them: Celebrities Abuse Fame One Pastry At A Time

While most Americans spend time celebrating our country on the Fourth of July, Ariana Grande decided it was time to shake things up a bit. Unfortunately, she was not victorious. Grande created quite an unforgettable scene in a donut shop located in California over the holiday weekend. Security footage depicted the pop star picking up […]

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Should students be drug tested?

When it comes to the topic of randomly drug testing college students, it is easy to go either way on the subject. There are many good points backing up as to why it should be done and a lot of good reasons as to why it should not be done. I think that the schools […]