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LOQation is Cabrini College’s student-run weekly news program. Recorded each Wednesday, LOQation covers campus and off-campus news as well as what’s happening around the nation and globe.

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Calvin the Cavalier Continues to Pump Up the Cabrini Spirit

The mystery of who Calvin the Cavalier is remains a mystery but what we do know is that this mascot brings the spirit to Cabrini events. Students share their thoughts on why Calvin embodies the personality of campus events and we got some court time with the man himself! Check out the full episode of […]

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Do Students and Employers See Eye to Eye?

Recent reports have described that students and employers have different perceptions of how prepared a recent graduate is to enter the work force. Graduating seniors and the Center for Career and Professional Development place their intake on this startling topic for the class of 2015. Check out the full episode of LOQation only on their […]

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KOP Restaurant Week Attracts Students for Spring Break

From March 1-8, King of Prussia will be hosting their first ever Restaurant Week where certain restaurants will be offering special menus at a discounted price. We got a look at why this is a great outlet for students staying on campus during Spring Break. Check out the full episode of LOQation only on their […]

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Men’s lacrosse suits up for the season

Coming off of a strong win in their home opener, the men’s lacrosse team talks about what they’ve been doing to prepare for the new season and how they plan to keep on playing in a CSAC state of mind. Check out the full episode only on LOQation’s official YouTube channel!

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Child Health Forum informs Cabrini of food insecurity

On Friday, Feb. 20, Cabrini hosted the Child Health Forum which brought in over 150 industry professionals to talk about the ongoing issue of food insecurity. We got to sit down with two of those experts to get their insights on the topic. Check out the full episode of LOQation only on their official YouTube […]

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Human trafficking simulation presented to Vatican representative

In light of human trafficking, Cabrini students and missioners created a simulation showing the process that refugees typically go through. Father Bechina, Undersecretary for Congregation of Education from the Vatican, was present for the interactive activity and shares his thoughts on the social injustice. Check out the full episode only on LOQation’s official YouTube channel!

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Sodexo remains “Mindful” in Cav’s Corner

For years students have identified one particular station in the cafeteria as the vegetarian friendly place to eat and were in for a shock when they saw meat was being distributed from it. We got an inside look at what Sodexo did to revamp this healthy station while still staying true to it’s roots. Check […]

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New hybrid classes set the record for updated teaching trends

Online classes have always been heard of but have only recently gained popularity. Cabrini has started a new trend of hybrid classes, a mixture of online and face-to-face, and we see how students and educators have responded to the push. Check out the full episode only on LOQation’s official YouTube channel!

Men's basketball: one set of dreams

Men’s basketball: one set of dreams

Men’s basketball is one of the most popular sports at Cabrini and they bring all of their hopes to the court. Be sure to make it to a game before the end of the season! Check out the full episode only on LOQation’s official YouTube channel!

Coutu in Swaziland with the mission

Service in Swaziland produces meaningful impact

Faculty and a student travelled to Swaziland over the winter break to work with the Cabrini mission and the outcome of the trip was more powerful than one would have expected. Check out the full episode only on LOQation’s official YouTube channel!

Student scanning IDs at the first dance of the semester

New dance policy is enforced

The first student organization run dance since October occurred this past weekend and students were ready to spend their night on the dance floor, but this time under stricter regulations. Find out what has changed since then and what could have been the reason behind it. Check out the full episode only on LOQation’s official […]

Jon French sits down with Dr. Duncan

The Com Department’s New Major Brings in a New Face

Dr. Felicity Duncan is the newest addition to the communication department’s hot-off-the-press major, digital communication and social media, and is already booked with teaching three packed classes. Our own Jon French got to sit down with her and learn a bit more about her background and new journey at Cabrini. Check out the full episode […]

Line of students at #DoBlue

Cabrini’s night to #DoBlue

Last year, Cavalier Traditions began hosting #DoBlue once a season to hype students up for the men’s basketball season and the night has ¬†been going strong. Over 100 fans came out to support the Cavaliers this year and this event has set the standard. Check out the full episode only on LOQation’s official YouTube channel!

Jaxson Utain from Team IMPACT

Men’s lacrosse signs child with Team IMPACT

The men’s lacrosse team has signed Jaxson Utain to their roster by uniting with Team IMPACT to give back to the community. This eager and willing 9 year old is ecstatic to be a Cavalier and a member of his dream team. Check out the full episode only on LOQation’s official YouTube channel!

Cabrini Lacrosse

What to expect from Cabrini’s spring teams

Lacrosse and softball are two of Cabrini’s major teams that have yet to begin their season and they have been preparing for a big future. We sat down with Jackie Neary, Steve Colfer and Mitchell Kline as they gave us an insight into what students can expect from the Cavs. Check out the full episode […]

Students paint the East Res walls

East Side of Campus Allows Students to Paint the Walls

The residence halls on the east side of campus are allowing students to do something that they would have been scolded for at home: painting and drawing on the walls. In an effort to make the dorms feel more like home, students with an artistic edge have began transforming the blase, white walls into a […]

Speed hump warning by Grace Hall

New Campus Speed Humps: Helpful or Hurtful?

The recent talk of campus has been the implication of the new speed humps on the Upper Gulf Road entrance, Kind of Prussia Road entrance and by the back end of the cafeteria. We learn why they these massive traffic controllers have been placed on our road ways and what students think about the action. […]

Front doors to House 2

House 2 to be Reopened with Future Plans for Success

Dixon House, or more commonly known as House 2, has an expected reopening date of August 2015 after sitting dormant for four years due to mold. Dr. Taylor, president of Cabrini College, explains that the abundance of students living on campus played a factor in the decision and that he has plans to embrace the […]

Mr. and Miss Cabrini 2014

Meet your 2014 Mr. and Miss Cabrini!

This year’s Mr. and Miss Cabrini pageant brought plenty of spirit, talents and laughter as musical comedy duo, Dakaboom, presented this year’s winners with their crowns! Congratulations to Colin Kilroy and Lauren Hight for stepping above their competitors to take home the title! Check out the full episode here, only on LOQation’s official YouTube Channel!

Georgie Nave excelling in his performance as King Lear

“Shakespeare on the Green” puts a comical and modern twist on classics

“Shakespeare on the Green,” the fall show presented by Cabrini Theater, placed the audience into the modern world of four of Shakespeare’s classic works. LOQation got an inside look at the sold out performance and the actors’ perspectives on what made this show such a hit. Check out this week’s full episode, only on LOQation’s […]