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Your guide to what’s trending in fashion, dining, technology, music and the arts throughout world as well as on campus.

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Winged liner and dramatic lashes are in for Spring 2015. Use a liquid eyeliner, eyelash curler and volume mascara for the look.

New York Fashion Week reveals spring makeup trends

Spring makeup is usually full of bright and rosy pinks, pretty pastels and oozing with sugar- sweetness. Spring 2015 is pretty and sweet, with an edge. New York’s Fashion Week was packed with slim models walking down the runway in custom designs. Although most kept their faces forward, thinking about not tripping and did not […]

Student creates play as senior capstone project

Making the senior capstone project something extraordinary is a goal many Cabrini students hope for. Alyssa Reape is a senior English major with a minor in theater and writing. Completing and passing the capstone project is essential to graduating. Her capstone was a play she wrote, directed, and acted in. Her friend, George Nave also […]

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’50 Shades’ album may be as sultry as the movie

  “50 Shades of Grey” trailers have been played on repeat on TV screens and YouTube ads, leading up to it’s Valentine’s Day weekend release. People are frenzied over the whips, handcuffs and red-room romance, but forget the pulsing music played underneath the actress’s pleas of “tie me up, please.” The most memorable song is […]


What can LinkedIn do for you?

By Patrick Whalen Asst. Perspectives Editor LinkedIn is not just another social media site. It is a gateway to future careers. Melissa Moravec, assistant director for the center for career and professional development, showed a group of students and adults the steps in which they need to perfect their LinkedIn accounts. Moravec started out her […]

light jeans

Spring into fashion this season

By Alexa Ferragine Lifestyles Editor The smell of budding flowers and fresh cut grass over power the incoming spring season. New fashion trends and styles will be shortly appearing in store windows. Flannel seems to be sticking around and transitioning from winter looks to spring looks. In order to wear a flannel and turn it […]


Christle’s Book Corner reviews

By Christle Gehman Lifestyles Editor Love, Tanya Tanya Burr,  25 year-old Youtube star, has released her first book on January 29. Shortly after completing sixth form at Notre Dame and doing a course on make-up, she aspired to be a make-up artist. She got a job as a make-up artist at Jarrold’s department store and […]


Spring break is quickly approaching, students say

By Renee Oliver Asst. Sports Editor Believe it or not spring break is approaching. It is just two weeks away. The break might have snuck up on students and staff because it is scheduled earlier this school year. Some students are not excited about the change. “I don’t like it. All of my friends from […]


Students have a hard time choosing a major

By Anesia Meredith Asst. Copy Editor Uncleared students are very much common among many colleges and universities. It is often common to see students drop their original major to pick up another one. Freshmen Ameer Ali, is categorized as an undeclared sophomore and transfer student from Delaware County Community College. Ali sought out to find […]

Dance teaches hard work and upbeat classes

Dance teaches hard work and upbeat classes

By Jade Motto Staff Writer At Cabrini she is known as an adjunct Faculty, who teaches dance elective courses. Tricia Crouse received this job because of a friend who heard about the opening and recommended her. Crouse is in Cabrini’s Masters of education program and attended Temple University for her B.F.A. in dance. She started […]

Someone other than Perry worked it

Not even dancing sharks, a giant lion or Katy Perry’s bouncing bosom could help being outshined by Superbowl XLIX’s surprise guest, Missy Elliott. Let’s be real, Perry was good and Lenny Kravitz wasn’t bad either, but the second that the Elliott’s black silhouette shown and the sitar-strung-opening to “Get Ur Freak On” boasted from the […]

1D’s 4th album invokes authenticity

One Direction’s fourth studio album was released on Nov. 17, just under a year after their third studio album was released. November releases seem to be a pattern for the group and it seems to work, seeing as parents are looking for presents to get their kids for Christmas and getting the new album for […]

Dining options on campus

Cabrini offers various dining options around campus such as the Cavs Corner Dining Hall, Jazzman’s Cafe & Bakery, Sandella’s Flatbread Cafe and the RAC Grille. Cavs Corner is the main dining hall where you can get breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet style option with a sandwich station and a salad bar. You […]

Martin Garcia

Bringing the mission of Cabrini alive

Martin Garcia, Connor White and Matt Kaehler are the three missioners from the Cabrini Mission Corps who have pursued their passion for peace through a year of service. LOQation Weekly News got the chance to sit down with them to go through what it means to be a missioner. Stan Thompson of VMCR (Variety Music […]

Should we hate our lives on Valentines Day?

Valentine’s Day, who is this holiday for? Do people love it or hate it? What do people do? Valentine’s Day is a time when people show feelings of love, affection and friendship. It is celebrated in many ways worldwide and falls on Feb. 14 each year. Many people around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day by […]

Gym memberships are out – fitness applications are in

10 years ago, if you wanted to get a good workout in while keeping track of your progress, getting a gym membership was the best option. In 2015, with the use of technology and smartphone applications, you have access to workouts and results right at your finger tips. According to Nielsen Holdings N.V., two-thirds of […]

Students enjoy night out at Landmark Americana Tap and Grill

Landmark Americana Tap and Grill is a local bar on the Main Line that students recently got together at and enjoyed a night out at a new event, Main Line U. This new night offers students in the area “two dollar you-call-its” every Thursday night. The night would not have happened if it was not […]

Students shy away from popular series

Students shy away from popular series

The way that society views and talks about sex is changing in popular media. Junior secondary education major Frances McPeak explained that as she was growing up, sex was still not talked about openly. “It’s not the same. Sex wasn’t this open kind of idea about how it’s just something that happens,” McPeak said. “Being […]

Cabrini takes on Conshy

Off-campus parties have been slow so far this year. If you are not apart of the athletic cliques or well connected with off-campus students the chances you made it out of  Woodcrest to party is slim to none. This past week was the exception to the mundane standard that has become Cabrini’s off-campus party scene. […]

Keeping privacy personal

Imagine a world where your instagram caption was never of importance.  Making sure everything is perfect for a post or picture doesn’t matter because no one will see it. Getting likes is a foreign thought and having someone “follow” you is criminal (and creepy). Also, what’s a selfie? We are living in an era in […]

Tracy Eells is the new General Manager in dining service

The new face of sodexo

By Tyron Davis Asst. News Editor New to Cabrini is Sodexo’s new general manager for dining services, Tracy Eells. What to expect from the new GM is more student-suggested menu options. “It is all about the students. You [students] have to eat here so I would really like to make you happy. Any suggestions or […]