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Pickle App

People that want to practice improving their selfie game in a way that is cool and fun will love this app. It is simple to use. If you see yourself as a “Selfie Queen or King” prove you deserve to wear the crown. You can battle your friends, family, girlfriend or boyfriend. It is just […]

Are the winter blues for real?

As winter hits its stride and the vibrant colors of fall turn to gray, the winter blues kick in for some students. Winter can be a very stressful season. Shopping for Christmas gifts, planning parties, hitting traffic while driving to extended family’s houses and the overall change of weather can be a huge burden to […]

Cabrini receives presidential recognition

Community service and social justice are two strong factors that the college is based on and committed to. Since 1957 when the institution was founded, the mission has been to make a serious commitment to social justice and create change in our communities. This past December, for the seventh year straight, Cabrini was named to […]

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New year, new trends

Every new year is the same, new resolutions made by people that have a semi-commitment to them. After about a month or two people realize they are right back into their normal routine and have no time to run that extra mile at the gym or even attend the gym at all that day. This […]

Dr. Felicity Duncan

New Year, New COM Department

Changes in the Communication Department at Cabrini are to come in the future. With new faculty and new classes there looks to be a positive outlook for future communication students. New to the Communication Department is Dr. Felicity Duncan. Duncan is an assistant professor of communication who teaches Introduction to Mass Communication and also a […]

Drake at Bun-B Concert 2011

The music choice for 2015

As the start of 2015, there are many rumors on great albums being released. These rumors happen to be true. This year, artists such as Drake, J-Cole, Adele, Justin Bieber, and old pop artist Madonna, are apparently releasing newly hot records in the year of 2015. Drake has not even begun recording his fourth album […]

Cabrini Day: lead for change

Once a year, the campus comes together to honor Cabrini’s heritage and mission. Cabrini Day is a day of celebration of the college’s mission to deliver academic excellence, while keeping a commitment to social justice. Students and staff are encouraged to take advantage of this day full of mission-oriented activities. Classes are not held during the […]

The Sims has been a game enjoyed by many since the year 2000. (Creative Commons)

Applicaton low down: The Sims Free Play

Make a family as you spend your time with your family during this holiday. Playing this game you can build and make relationships. Your dream home can be made including decoration customizing for Christmas. From infants to adults you can watch and give them the essentials to grow or the opposite. It reflects reality of […]

This year's contestants with Mr. and Miss Cabrini

Colin Kilroy and Lauren Hight crowned Mr. and Miss Cabrini 2014

The 2014 Mr. and Miss Cabrini pageant united student representatives from clubs across campus as they all vied for the coveted crown and sash. This year title winners are Colin Kilroy, junior business major nominated by the Student Government Association, and Lauren Hight, senior communication major nominated by LOQation Weekly News Program. View a recap […]

Service to community and to self

Ashley Douglas was awarded the Nerney Leadership award on Tuesday for her service in her community. Douglas is a hard worker and a dedicated student. She has taken many steps in order to receive this award.

2006 survey on the drinking habits; chart shows drinking levels increase early in the first year of college. Philadelphia Inquirer 2007. (MCT)

Pregaming habits may be dangerous, students say

No matter what school that they choose to go to, students are going to run into drinking at some point in their college career. Aside from drinking at parties either on-campus or off, many decide to drink before they even arrive to their destination. Pregaming is something that a lot of people do for a […]


Can I get a round of shots please?

Whether you are ripping shots of Fireball Whiskey at Mad River on a Friday night or curled up on your couch watching the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” with a glass of rose in your hand, each student finds time to fit in their drinks. According to the National Institute of on Alcohol Abuse and […]


Bar review: Chickie’s and Pete’s

Chickie’s and Pete’s in Drexel Hill, Pa., is the closest way to get your crab fries without going into the City of Brotherly Love. Serving as one of the more well-known sports bars in the area, I was slightly unimpressed with my experience as a customer.