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One law can affect the lives of everyone. Being safe on the roads is important to everyone. (Photo Credit:

Click it or Ticket: Saving lives one click at a time

David Martin was just driving home from a long day at work. The traffic on the interstate was blocked up miles ahead and the agony of getting home was getting more intense. With just one mistake, things could take a turn for the worst especially without a seatbelt being worn. “I just looked at the […]

Students get excited for summer

As the days get sunnier, warmer and brighter, many students are starting to think about what they want to do while they are not at school. Nazifa Akanda, criminology and sociology double major, is very excited about the upcoming summer break. “I’m excited for the summer, but I know I will be very preoccupied with […]

Students leave Cabrini to find a new experience

Students transfer colleges for numerous of reasons. Some change majors and move to a different school that better suits them and their new path. Others start at two –year colleges before transferring and finishing their degree at a four-year university or college. If student’s first choice did not see right, students can take heart to […]

Pitch Perfect 2: a must-see sequel for the summer

Pitch Perfect’s following is anticipating the sequel more and more everyday.  Anna Kendrick’s iconic role in “Pitch Perfect” made audiences fall in love.  She not only took the spotlight in her acting but also in her singing. It is not very common for a song created solely for a movie to get enough recognition and ends […]

Love story will hit Broadway soundtrack

From neighbors to marriage,  Dr. Michelle Filling-Brown has quite the awe-worthy love story. In an article by Broadway World, Filling told her romantic journey with her husband, Pete. The two individuals lived in the same apartment building and only had ever exchanged small-talk in elevator rides. After a mail mix-up, Filling found herself returning a […]

15 seniors receive prestigious award

It takes at least 12 years to graduate from high school and then four years to earn your Bachelor’s degree; for 15 seniors, to receive the Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 2015 Award, at the end of their college experience is a dream come true. “It’s a crazy thing sometimes to […]

Smartphones have impacted societal interaction, research says

Think about someone’s daily life and how often their cellphone is in their hand. How often do people find themselves picking it up to avoid having to talk to others around them? Would they consider it a distraction from the world around them? The millennial generation was born into the technology age where society can […]

PewDiePie has the most subscribers on Youtube (Graphic by: Brianna Morrell)

Please Subscribe: How millennials make their mark on the web

The World Wide Web is known as a place to locate information needed to complete course or job work, keeping in touch with friends or even making a name for ourselves. According to, YouTube’s growth exploded in 2006 and ever since, it’s growth rate has continued. According to, YouTube has more than 1 […]

Millennials serving the political field

The millennial generation, like every other generation, displays unique traits and economic, political and social influences in today’s culture. According to the “Millennial Generation Review” report millennials between the ages 13 to 32 are said to leave imprints within individuals and their life cycle. Therefore, there is a large amount of the millennial generation that […]

Race being taken to a whole new level

“I can’t breathe” rasped Eric Garner as he fell to the ground. According to NBCNEWYORK, Eric Garner was the 43-year-old father who died while being taken into NYPD custody last summer. In the past few years numerous events, like this, have raised the question, has the United States made as much progress as people had […]

College Drinking: A culture of bad habits or alcoholism?

It is the Friday night of Sam’s first week as a freshman in college. Sam really does not know anyone, but his roommate has an older brother at the school. Sam really wants to fit in and meet some new friends. His roommate says, “Come on. Let’s go to a party.” Sam makes quite the […]

LGBT community grows increasingly more accepted

According to Pew Research, millennials are more accepting of the LGBT community than people of previous generations. It shows that there has been a rise in support for same-sex relationships over the past decade. But why is that? Is it because people have changed? “I think most people lately, including myself, have been more open […]

How destruction defined a generation

DECK Few Millennials knew a world before threat levels were color-coded, there was a War on Terror, and Transportation Security Administration checks were as thorough at they are today. At the time, the oldest millennails to view the collapse of the twin towers were 21-years-old, while the youngest were merely just born.   Caileigh’s Story […]

Millennials and their contraceptive methods

It is three o’clock in the morning and the sounds of a baby crying pierces through the house. “I’ll just pull out.” Sleep is lost, stress levels are raised and the idea of a college education is now completely out of the question. “Come on, what’s the big deal? Don’t you trust me?” Looking back, […]

Mission IMPROVable

Witty, on the spot and undoubtedly funny, Mission Improvable, took to the stage in the mansion Tuesday night, to give our students some comedy for the night. Being very eccentric and interactive, the four man crew of Mission Improvable, galloped and walked through the crowd, to ask the viewers random questions to begin there night […]

Drug of choice can be the hardest choice, students say

Deciding a major, that is hard. Choosing what to do with your life after college is even harder. But, millennials choosing which drug is their favorite? That is easy. In an age where change is perpetual, millennials have worked to stay current.  Fashion trends change, technology develops and drug choice varies. According to a Cabrini […]

Ian Scott

Generation may choose spirituality over organized religion

The millennial generation is more prone to being spiritual as opposed to following an organized religion, studies say. The Pew Research Center on Religion and Public Life found that nearly one-in-three members of the Millennial generation has no religious affiliation. National Public Radio agrees that “barely half of millennials say they look to religion for […]


Sophomore education major Kelly Merk is busy, but had enough time to sit down and chat with me about her everyday life and involvement in our school and in her major. Kelly, more specifically, is an early education and special education major here at our school, giving her the busy title of a double major. […]

FIFA 15 Review

Once a year, die hard soccer fans of all ages and team orientation, come together and rejoice in the release of their favorite video game; FIFA 15. For those who cannot touch the professional soccer pitches, this game makes them water at the mouth, giving them the ability to everything that professional players and managers […]