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How are drugs handled on campus?

Drugs and alcohol are present, but students rarely are caught. The residence life office handles drug incidents on campus, but information is not taken to provide true statistics of how present drugs are on Cabrini’s campus, the assistant director of residence life at Cabrini said. Besides alcohol “we do have some incidents with marijuana, but […]



Many students grow up in different cultures than their roommates. It is common to think that certain things their roommates do are extremely strange. Students experience differences when it comes to the way they sleep. Some have common habits and others are just seem to be “crazy.” “My roommate sleeps on top of her covers,” freshman, Nicolette Morroni […]


Tour opinions, what are ambassadors showing off?

Campus tours are given everyday by the student ambassadors.  Giving prospective students a look at Cabrini’s beauty is something they take pride in doing. Sophomore business major, Tori Hall, is no stranger to Cabrini’s campus and pointing out all its attractive features. Hall said that she loves to show people the mansion because it is […]


Life as a NARP

There is a lot of work that goes into being an athlete. Between class, homework, practice and games they have a pretty busy schedule, but what about the non-athletes are they just swimming in free time or are they just as busy? NARP stands for Non-Athletic-Regular-Person and it’s what some athletes use to refer to […]

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Are over protective parents raising more rebellious kids?

Some students at Cabrini have strict parents while others are not so strict. Those who admitted to having protective parents seemed to want more freedom while those whose parents were not protective wanted more structure rather than freedom. Rory Early, a junior, said that he calls his parents more now than he did his freshman […]

Angelina Miller / Photo for Pub  Mr. and Miss Cabrini nominees get silly before the show, showcasing their school spirit.

Pageant prevails despite last-minute changes

Mr. & Mrs. Cabrini Pageant 2015 by Slidely Slideshow   The Mr. and Miss Cabrini pageant, hosted annually by CAP board, was filled with excitement in Grace Hall. However, this year, there was a bit of added stress in the crucial time before the pageant. Juniors, Ben Roda and Anthony DiMartino, dropped out with less […]

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Movies in class bring a new way of learning

Movies in class never seemed to be a problem for students. Movies that are shown in class have been considered a “free day” or a gift to students that they think the lesson will be an easy day. Not many students really consider why teachers show movies in classrooms. “I remember watching movies in high […]

You Can't Take it With You / Keith Brown / Staff Writer, Photo for Pub

Fall Play is a Show Stopper

  Every director wants the response the fall play “You Can’t Take it With You,” received over its three-weekend-run. “I just enjoyed the whole show,” sophomore audience member, Danielle Kickner said.  “I couldn’t pick out a favorite scene.” The play directed by Cabrini alumna, Kait Finegan, put on seven productions. Cabrini took a chance and tried […]


The day the music almost died

Music makes the world go around, or so they say.  But what happens when musicians struggle to continue their music into their young-adult years? This is an issue that many students may experience.  Typically in high school, a student has access to any number of instruments at any given time.  When coming to college, students […]

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Students determine their academic bucket lists

College is a time to learn, meet new people, and experience new and exciting things! So why waste 4 years doing nothing? Students at Cabrini seem to have a set goal they would like to accomplish while attending college. But do many or any students have a bucket list of things they would like to do […]


A long path that led to Cabrini

Many young adults have the dilemma of not knowing what to do with the rest of their lives.  According to a study, 19 out of 20 graduates switched jobs within three years.  One of Cabrini’s newest staff members had this exact problem. Eugene Ahn has been a part of the Cabrini community for a little […]


Tips to have in mind while living alone

Living alone for the first time can be difficult.  Many students who move off-campus during their college years or buy a house after their first job have no idea how to manage a household without the help of their parents. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.    

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Talking to friends from home while being busy with school and work

Making new friends while staying in contact with old friends can be difficult for anybody living in a new area. Clayonna Bennet, freshman business major, and Stephanie Parente, senior liberal studies major, are both starting new stages in their lives, learning how to keep old friends while studying at school and building friendships with others. […]

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Switching majors in college is normal, students say

In high school, all students are told to figure out what they want to do in college. While some people come into college knowing what they want to major in, a good number do not. Once they have finally chose a major and started taking the required courses, students may come to the conclusion that […]

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Students give insight on studying abroad

Experiencing different cultures of the world can be one of the best learning experiences, especially for college students. Studying abroad allows students to study a foreign culture and see the world through a totally new perspective. This helps students find new interests and hobbies along with personal development. Not to mention all the new friends […]


The road to mature dating requires technology

Dating and relationships change after leaving college and starting adult life. Some go from living next door to their significant other, to being miles apart. Some also have to adjust to the different forms of dating when it’s no longer acceptable to take a girl on a romantic date at Cav’s Corner. “I would say […]


Boob-B Dance offers fun and chance to socialize

  The annual Boob-B dance is a time for students to unwind and socialize with peers. Sponsored by Cavs Against Cancer, the former Relay for Life, the dance is also a way to give back to society — the American Cancer Society, that is. This dance sends all the proceeds to the cause. Set up […]


To tat or not to tat

There has always been a stigma between tattoos and professionals. Anyone with a tattoo, especially at a young age, will tell you that they have gotten the comment, “You’ll never get a job with that.” However, people are beginning to look past tattoos in hiring as tattoos have become more acceptable throughout society. Even on […]


Fist fights are fueled by flirting, students say

Relationships in today’s day are not the same as they used to be. With the rapid growth and obsession with social media, conflicts in relationships have escalated to another level. Along with the lack of loyalty progressively happening in relationships, more and more couples struggle for a future. Women in relationships on campus have witnessed […]

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Students have to balance their lives in school and in work in order to sustain an income.,

Students balance life in the service industry

One thing that most students can agree on is that college is expensive. Because of this,  many students work to help cover the costs of getting an education. A lot of students who work have a job in the restaurant or service industry, which can be even harder than other student-jobs. The hours that service-industry […]

Photo submitted by HerCampus Cabrini / The HerCampus staff has the Loquitur's former editors Mackenzie Harris and Erica Abbott as founders.

Her Campus chapter is launched at Cabrini college

Jane Grant, the New York Times first female journalist, was a passionate writer who wrote about women’s issues, questioning public figures about their views on the status of women and interviewing women who worked in traditionally male professions. She wrote for the New York times for 15 years and because of her and many other early women, […]