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(Lauren Hight/Multimedia Editor)

Inequality vs. racism

We’re supposed to be a country rich in opportunity and have wealth and freedom. However we still see issues of inequality every day. When did the conversation change from the differences between inequality and equality go to using racism as a scapegoat?

(Joey Rettino/Managing Editor)

The right to throw a punch

Children look up to their parents, family members or someone they are living with for guidance, love, help, trust, compassion. When there are some of those key elements missing, that’s when the problems begin.

History of ISIS

ISIS stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levent and is an international terrorist group that currently controls a territory about the size of Maryland. The terrorist group was actually close with al-Qaeda, but during the Syria conflicts, that relationship fell apart, causing tension between the two.

Photo Credit - MCT Campus

Is the degree worth it when you don’t know its worth?

Unemployment rates have currently remained at 6.7 percent for a few months now according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is a very worrisome statistic for graduates just leaving college hoping to find jobs, especially in their fields of study. However, now it may be that unemployment isn’t the biggest concern, but underemployment. […]


Sexual assault and slut-shaming

“She was acting slutty… It was her own fault… she shouldn’t have drunk so much then.” Recently, cases of sexual assault at universities as prominent as Notre Dame and Swarthmore have been in the news.  In addition, a nationwide movement of students has charged that colleges are not handling cases properly, resulting in what is […]


Do you know what’s in your phone?

In the past 15 years, over 5 million people have been slaughtered, and 300,000 women have been raped, all at the hands of war and conflict minerals. While people around the world text, play games and Tweet all on their cell phones, millions of people have been and are continuously being killed for the minerals […]

#NOH8 – Unity Week

Unity week started on Monday, March 31, at Cabrini as a weeklong event sponsored by the Office of Student Diversity Initiatives and featured many other clubs on campus. On Tuesday, April 1, there was one specific movement that led an uprise against “haters”. This fierce and reflective student movement took place in Grace Hall to […]


Rape culture is a notion that connects rape and sexual violence to the culture of a society therein making the feelings and practices around it seem normal, excusable or even pardonable. This past Tuesday, March 25, 2014, a blogger from feminist blog “Feministing,” Zerlina Maxwell (@ZerlinaMaxwell) started the #rapecultureiswhen hashtag that quickly trended throughout the […]

U.S. analysts now say crash west of Malaysia likely

Malaysia Air – How “new” is “news?”

By this point, it’s almost impossible to have remained unaware of the Malaysian airline plane that mysteriously disappeared over a week ago. And if by some slim chance this story sounds new, turn on any news station. It’s almost guaranteed to be on at any point in the day… all day.

The line between service trips and vacations

Every year during spring break there are groups of students across the nation who give up their relaxation time and do service work for one week.Some stay in the states, others leave the country. In both cases, the students are helping developing areas.

Our self-worth is only what we determine it to be

This week is eating disorder awareness week, and it brings to mind the questions; How much do people really know about eating disorders as well as their views of people who suffer from them? Eating disorders are not just physical, but also stems from genetic, biological, behavioral, psychological and social issues. They can happen to […]

What does the first openly gay NFL prospect mean for the future of the gridiron? (Randall Stewart/Public Domain)

Being ‘out’ on and off the field

Homosexuality and professional sports have rarely seemed to collide publicly, especially in the United States. In fact, football, arguably the most popular game in the U.S., has never had an openly gay athlete play in the NFL. Though this may change in the near future.


When being American is defined by language

Even if you missed out on the 2014 Super Bowl, chances are you saw some of the commercials, especially Coca-Cola’s hugely controversial “It’s Beautiful” ad. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a 60-second commercial featuring the iconic patriotic song, “America The Beautiful” sung in seven different languages. As beautifully as it was filmed and sung, […]

Mental Illness does not discriminate

The tragic story about 19-year-old University of Pennsylvania freshman Madison Holleran committing suicide by jumping off of a Philadelphia parking garage has made quite an impact in the media. The community was shaken by the sudden death of a student who seemed to have it all.  Between the thoughts of remorse and grief, it led […]

A politically correct Christmas

In the last decade or so, the U.S. has become much more politically correct in its terminology, especially when it comes to the holiday season. The endless “Happy Holidays,” vs “Merry Christmas” debate emerges once again. As most people know, the polite and politically correct phase to use around this time of year would be […]

The Black Friday Takeover

Is Thanksgiving still a holiday? You wouldn’t think this was a hard question, seeing as how it’s still widely celebrated.  Schools and offices give off to the days that are meant to be spent with family and friends; the people we’re thankful for. That’s what Thanksgiving’s all about, isn’t it? Sitting around a table passing […]

The same-sex debate: “marriage” vs “partnership”

The presence of the LGBT community has become so commonplace in today’s society that we often brush it off like it’s the everyday news, because now it is. It’s everyday, routine, normal. The end of October was Ally Week, a week-long promotion of being an ally against anti-LGBT language, bullying and harassment. Maine Governor candidate, […]

Cyberbullying: where do the parents come in?

Another tragedy adds to the ever-growing list as another young teen commits suicide due to cyberbullying. 12-year-old Florida native Rebecca Ann Sedwick’s heartbreaking story has been the most recent, well-covered case to date dealing with the cyberbullying issue. Unfortunately the details of the case are similar to most dealing with this subject, however this particular […]

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Breaking down the Shutdown

It’s official. As of Tuesday night, the government has shutdown. And it is as serious as it sounds. Despite this fact, many still don’t know what the shutdown entails so here is a brief breakdown: Each and every year, it is the responsibility of the Republican-controlled House and Democratic-led Senate to agree on and pass […]

The illness behind the violence

Like clockwork, every horrible shooting resulting in multiple deaths brings in its wake the controversy over gun control. Proponents and opponents alike come out of the woodwork to defend their sides, but we still rarely look at the underlying problem in all of these incidents; mental health. From cases like Columbine to the naval yard […]

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

Whether we as a country like it or not, we have always been considered the watchdog of the world. And we’ve taken on that role. We’ve kept our eyes peeled. We’ve kept our ears open. We’ve kept our troops ready. Most of the time, this is a role to be proud of. And after all, […]

Laundry fees compared: Is Cabrini paying too much?

An email from Residence Life on behalf of Dean Stroud was sent out on July 8, 2013 informing students living on campus that due to “the steadily rising costs of equipment and utilities, … all resident students will be assessed a $75 per semester laundry fee.” Included in the email was the information that this […]

Head of board of trustees steps in as temporary president

To the shock of the Cabrini College student body, President Marie Angelella George sent out an email announcing her resignation on June 3, 2013. There’s no denying that the students of Cabrini admired the former president. This fact only makes the transition more surprising, confusing and even somewhat uncomfortable for some. Though many are still […]