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We should not be scared of our education

This past Saturday, a gun threat warning was issued for all colleges in the Philadelphia region. According to TIME Magazine, schools such as Temple University, Drexel University and University of Pennsylvania received threats, which were confirmed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. After the recent shooting in Oregon, which took the lives of 10 students […]

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Be a warrior

For some, getting out of bed is the hardest part of their day. Sometimes, those who smile the brightest are the ones that cry themselves to sleep every night. Sometimes, those who have a full circle of friends are the ones who feel the most alone. Sept. 10 was National Suicide Awareness Day, and for many of us on the […]


Sept. 11, 2001 – Never Forgotten

On Sept. 11, 2001, New York City was no longer just a city. It was no longer just a place where families could go to see shows. It was no longer a place to simply purchase a hot dog on the street and watch thousands of people run by. Waking up, Sept. 11, 2001 was just […]

To the class of 2019:

Wow. Welcome to your first year of college. You made it through the stress of the SATs, AP courses and numerous college visits. You are walking into four years full of firsts, lasts, lectures, parties and all-nighters. Being a college student isn’t always easy and we know that being away from home is hard. We’ve […]

Perfection: what is it and do we really want it?

Why do we have to have perfect grades in order to be smart? Why do we have to have the perfect relationship in order to be in love? Why do we have to be making large amounts of money just to be happy? For some, the constant thought of perfection is a light switch in […]

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Another year gone, 26 issues and a thank you

For every like or comment that was posted on our social media, for every interview that has scheduled and given, for every person who turned a page in Loquitur this past year, we want to thank you. We would not have a job or a position on the staff if it was not for you […]

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Who are the millennial generation?

A Loquitur video created by Mackenzie Harris This is also the generation that is stereotyped for being obsessed with selfies, not caring about anything other than themselves and has been nicknamed the “me me me” generation. That is absolutely not true. Millennials are not defined by what others may think or say, but rather by the actions […]

Don’t use stereotypes. Be rational

When it comes to the topic of the recent civil rights injustices in America, it is important to not be irrational. Cornell Brooks, president and CEO of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, recently spent a day at Cabrini as part of Nerney Leadership Institute’s Executive in Residence program. At the Executive […]


This is your future, why choose Cabrini?

Dear Accepted Student, Congratulations on being accepted to Cabrini! You only have a couple more months before you will no longer be a high school student and even though this is a very surreal and bittersweet moment, know that it will be the best time of your life. These next four years will be absolutely […]

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Is college really worth it anymore?

It’s that time of year again. Everyone is in the midst of planning out what classes they want to take. Some students may still need to finish their core classes, major requirements or just are looking for classes to be full-time students. But when we pick our classes, shouldn’t we be more concerned with what […]


Short-term service vs. long-term service

Deck: In no way are either forms of service wrong, but there are certain times where one form fits best. What is short-term service? Some of the services trips that campus ministry and individual students go on are looking at the shorter-term aspect of the community. This is not a negative thing, because the work […]

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Student diversity: not just an office

Diversity should be appreciating everyone’s differences. There is no reason for all of us to be the same – that is boring, so just celebrating those differences is a start. A diversity office should celebrate differences but realize that we each are at a different stage of openness to differences. As Cabrini becomes more diverse, […]

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The search for a parking spot: the endless loop

We all know the drill. We want to find a parking spot close to Founder’s, close to Dixon or close to our residence. We are willing to circle the lot until someone leaves. We are willing to waste our time and gas. Sometimes it seems worse than the King of Prussia Mall at Christmas. The […]

Photo illustration by Amy Held / Photo Editor

Human trafficking has many forms

Odds are, when you think of human trafficking, you picture a young woman just like in “Taken” or the one pictured on the Loquitur’s front page. But in fact, the reality is that “there are an estimated 27 million adults and 13 million children around the world who are victims of human trafficking,” according to […]

Students Jennifer Alcalde and Ayesha Ahmad doing snow day work for their canceled classes on Jan. 27. (Mackenzie Harris/Editor in Chief)

Juno is killing us with work, students say

Nor’easter Juno brought back the #CabriniBlackout for the fourth time in this school year alone with a smaller amount of snow than what the meteorologists were predicting and of course additional school work. According to text messages sent out last year via Cabrini’s emergency text services, there were a total of eight days when Cabrini […]

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State of the Union spelled out

In the State of the Union last week on Tuesday, Jan. 20, President Obama focused the nation’s attention on higher education, a topic that is extremely important to all students, professors and everyone who works at Cabrini. President Obama looked back in our nation’s history, how we became a great nation, first by instituting free […]

In a survey created by the Loquitur staff, students answered what they do and how they feel when they drink.  (Graphic Designed by Mackenzie Harris)

Alcohol and sex: 2 college norms?

It’s typically not unusual to see red solo cups in the hands of a stumbling college student every Thursday evening for “Thirsty Thursday.” The norm of on-campus drinking and partying has always been around and it still remains as one of the most popular activities that takes place on campus.

The new speed bump located at the Dixon entrance. (Amy Held/Photo Editor)

How do you like those Cabrini humps?

There is something new to be found on campus, some may say that it’s our new President or the latest additions to the nationally ranked mens basketball team or the obnoxiously large yellow speed humps that have littered the campus drive. An eye sore or a safety precaution?