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We can go the distance



You know that quote that begins “distance doesn’t matter?” Well, I sure do. I’m currently in a long distance relationship and I’m not afraid to admit it.

My boyfriend graduated from Cabrini last May. We were never what you call “Facebook official” we weren’t even dating officially, just hanging out as friends who became closer.

Here’s the catch, he’s from Texas; so automatically I knew and he knew too that once he graduated our journey would end. So I took this decision with a grain of salt, and still to this day believe in “if it’s meant to be, it will be,” cliché I know.

Fast forward from May and you’re in August, and I’m in Texas visiting him with my best friend.  We became official. We both knew it was going to be hard, especially since it wouldn’t be like a normal relationship.

We planned the next time we would see each other. This past December could not have come soon enough, now fast forward again past the time he was here, and now you’re in present day.

No matter where I go, or whom I talk to the main question everyone asks me is “How do you do the long distance?” And then they usually answer their own question and say, “I could never do that.” I answer simply and say, “Because I love him.”

Obviously there are pros and cons to long distance relationships, but I never really look at them, because I write my own journey, as does he. You may think it’s hard but we talk everyday and we see each other over Skype.

Now it’s my turn to go and see him, and that’s what I’m planning on doing. In early May I will be returning to Texas with my friends. And from there will plan something else, we don’t know the future, we can only hope we continue to be strong.

The difference between you and me is that I can’t say I’ll see you tomorrow, I say I’ll see you in a couple of months…and I’ve accepted that.



There is no doubt that dating is hard, first you have to get through the awkward phase when the two of you are trying to figure out where it will go. Then once you decide it’s “for real” or “official” you have to make it through the “honeymoon” phase. As the name would suggest, this is when young love flows freely, and both parties are all smiles, giggles, and kisses. But you can’t stay on vacation forever, and there in rises the final phase, the event that will tell both parties involved whether or not they want to continue the relationship, the “First Fight”.

All the things listed above are abridged reasons as to what makes relationships, but our scenario is even more difficult due to an unlisted reason. We are in a long distance relationship. I have had all the aforementioned things happen between Jennarose and myself, but the downfall is that the stages were sped by a factor of three.

I say that we experience these stages in a fast manner because whenever we go visit each other it is always known that it is for a limited amount of time. The end of our physical phase with each other is always in sight, which at times can be disheartening. The majority of our relationship is spent over Internet. Of course we have little tiff’s, arguments and funny moments over Skype but it’s not the same as actually being there in person.

We miss out on being able to experience each other’s company with all five of our senses. And I’m not even going to get started on what happens when the Internet is shotty.

Not very many people would be able to do this; I myself am even surprised at how far Jennarose and I have come. But when I finally do see her in person, it makes it all the difficulties worth it. She is a beautiful person, and her love keeps me strong for us.

Jennarose DiGiacomo

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Cabrini College '15, Lifestyles Editor Creator and Host of the show Bless Your Heart

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