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Cabrini women’s basketball bring in big win against Marywood Jan. 20


The Nerney Field House was packed with excitement as the women’s basketball team dominated the Marywood University Pacers in an 81-54 victory on Monday, Jan. 20. This victory did not go unappreciated as the Lady Cavs lost their first CSAC game last weekend to Keystone College.

Amber Keys was one point shy of her career-high 20 points in the Cavs loss against Marywood. (Dan Luner/Photo Editor)

Amber Keys was one point shy of her career-high 20 points in the Cavs win against Marywood. (Dan Luner/Photo Editor)

While this was an unfortunate defeat, Head Coach Kate Pearson used this loss as momentum to fuel their coming success. According to Pearson, the team “knew we struggled in our last game shooting from the floor.” In order to come back from such a disappointing loss, Pearson said that “we talked about having confidence and about playing with confidence and believing in each other.”

It was apparent that adopting this mindset is exactly how they gained this incredible win, as Pearson stated that they went into this game with much more confidence.

Not one player took the stage. Junior Amber Keys led the team in shots made at 19, only one point shy of her career high of 20. Senior Brittany Sandone was not too far behind bringing in 18 points including three out of five shots from the three point line.

It was evident from the start that the women would come out victorious, keeping the Pacers in single digits up until 11 minutes into the first half. At the half time mark, the team held a comfortable lead of 44-27.

Pearson evidently was very effective in her motivating the women to pull through and work together. When asked about how the team felt coming into Monday’s game, Keys responded by saying “it was a team effort we knew our game plan and we knew what we had to do. Everyone’s getting their confidence back and as long as we continue that I think we’ll be fine for the rest of the season.”

With an overall record of 13-4, it appears the this team has the potential to continue with the success they illustrated against Marywood. For full details and schedule visit

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