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“The Best Man Holiday” review

"The Best Man Holiday" cast

“The Best Man Holiday” cast

“The Best Man Holiday” is the sequel to the 1999 original film “The Best Man.” Filled with drama and intense comedy, this film is a must see for the holiday season. With unexpected twists this movie doesn’t necessarily have a storybook ending, but a positive one nonetheless. The heavy hitting message in the end is what makes this movie enjoyable.

We pick up right where we left off as it starts out with a brief summary of the first movie. The entire cast returns and Harper (Taye Diggs), is back at it again trying to find a new book idea to help him and his wife financially as they prepare for their first child.

Mostly everyone  is married and has seemingly grown up. Lance and his wife Mia invite everyone to their house for the Christmas holiday. It seems like a great idea to reunite with everyone until the college-life drama of the past creeps back into the group’s friendship.

There are endless catty fights between the women, sexual scandals from the good old college days hit YouTube, hidden agendas are revealed and unfortunately illness. All of this drama is then wrapped up and sprinkled with comedy, which makes it all much easier to digest.

Just as Lance welcomes Harper in his home and back into his friendship, Harper screws up once again. In a valiant effort to help his own family, he attends Lance’s reunion in efforts to write a biography about Lance and his soon-to-be-broken NFL rushing record. Once Lance finds out, more drama unfolds.

“The Best Man Holiday” can be enjoyable for any and everyone. With much vulgar language and sexual innuendos, the movie is obviously not suitable to younger audiences and may not be suitable to most adults depending on their standards of movies. Despite the vulgarity of the film, the plot makes up for it even though the series of events were bit extreme.

From potheads to reality television actors fighting for Flavor Flav’s love, this movie isn’t your typical lovely Christmas film. However it should be a box office hit seeing as though in today’s world people love watching drama and downward spirals every week for their enjoyment. This movie is every bit of an attention holder and is never dull at any point in the film.

“The Best Man Holiday” is drama filled with organized chaos. It’ll make you laugh and it’ll make you cry. But it really brings a warmhearted feeling and holiday spirit. With this time of year, who wouldn’t want to see a movie that kicks off like that? Go see the movie; it definitely isn’t a waste of your time.

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