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Honey Cocaine Like A Drug album cover. (Creative Commons)

Leonard’s turntable; trending mixtapes

What are mixtapes? Mixtapes are free gifts of music to fans. They are used to grow a fanbase and expand a fan base. Many establishing artists make them to have fun and show their rap skills. There are no rules most of the time in comparison to making an album most artists have complete creative […]

Senior English major Maria Monastra posing with keynote speaker Kate Bornstein after a book signing. (Maria Monastra/Submitted Photo)

Working with body image issues in LGBT youth populations

The stigma surrounding LGBT was broken down to the audience about the issues that these people each day. Paige Walker facilitated the workshop. That is to go with doing her best to make those in the room comfortable and enjoy the discussion. It helped to get people to corporate when she asked if anyone had […]

A screenshot of the app once you download it.

Application low down – Week of Oct. 23, 2014

There is Tinder for politics. Who would have known that there would be an app for senators meeting up? It makes sense for many of them to dedicate their time to traveling, speeches, planning, and other objectives for politics. They barely get to have time to go out there and date.

3-on-3 basketball tournament

Many basketballs bounced as people watched each of the games played in the Dixon Center Gym here at Cabrini. Cabrini Traditions organized the tournament that was to help raise money for the senior class gift.   It was a minimum for three and a maximum five players on a team. Some teams came late but, […]

A sampling of food you can order. (Leonard Brock/Staff Writer)

T.G.I.Friday’s is more than just eating…

There are many restaurants around the area that I am sure are great and T.G.I Fridays stands among them. I walked in and felt welcomed. It only took two minutes for the hostess to speak to me with a warm greeting she asked “How you are doing tonight?” in great politeness. I responded with a […]

Sophomore Joey Rettino stresses before finals

Sophomore slump: the seemingly forgotten

Freshman have something new to look forward to. Juni0rs have the tough task of making a name for themselves through internships. And seniors have new experiences to look forward to. But where does that leave sophomores? The sophomore slump is something that takes many colleges and universities by storm. The sophomore slump is when the second […]

Students try to figure out the answer to  questions being asked.

Cabrini’s CAP Board adds their own flavor to Family Feud

Game Show Week this year was yet another example of students coming together being involved in campus activities. On Saturday, Sept. 14, the Campus Activities and Programming (CAP) Board brought the classic game, Family Feud, to Cabrini’s campus. Family Feud ended CAP Board’s Game Show Week, a week of events that also included Don’t Forget […]