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ASK Blue 19 – Ready for Spring break?

Ready for spring break?

Ready for Spring break?

Dear Blue,


Spring break is literally around the corner! But I still have so much work I have to catch up due to the amount of classes missed from the weather. I can’t seem to get excited for Spring break because I’m still doing make-up work that just doesn’t seem to go away. I leave to go home on Friday and I feel as though my work is going to follow me. What can I do?


Not ready for Spring break


Dear not ready for Spring break,


Don’t you worry about a thing! Take this final week before Spring break one step at a time. Make a list of things you still need to do.  Mapping out what you still need to get done has always helped me in the past. If you still are on overload with school work, take the first couple of days of break to finish everything up and then you still have a week to enjoy. Take everything in strides, try and relax and stay calm during this week. I know you can do it!



Jennarose DiGiacomo

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