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Ask Blue 18 – First-time flier?

First time flyer?

First-time flier?

Dear Blue,


So next week I’m traveling abroad for a week with my class to visit Costa Rica. It’s my first time flying and I’m really nervous, what if something should happen? Will I be safe on the plane? Is there anything I can do while on the plane to keep me occupied?


First-time flier


Dear First-time flier,


Honestly, flying can be nerve-wracking at times, especially if it’s your first time flying. But don’t worry there is plenty of stuff to do while on the plane to Costa Rica, which sounds absolutely fantastic, (wish I was going!). ┬áHere are just some ideas to keep you occupied: take a coloring book and crayons with you, take your laptop, iPad and even your iPod to listen to music! Reading a book or a magazine can always help too! If all else fails, just talk to your fellow classmate who is sitting next to you! Just take a breath, relax and you’ll be there in no time.



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