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ASK Blue 13–What to get for Christmas?


Ask Blue 13–What to get for Christmas?

Dear Blue,

So Christmas is just around the corner and I have no idea what to get my boyfriend. I originally asked him what he wanted, but all he said was nothing. He hasn’t dropped any hints either. Do I only give him a card with money? Is that an insensitive gift? Please Help!


Santa’s Lost Elf


Dear Santa’s Lost Elf,

Don’t worry lost elf, you still have time! Christmas shopping can be difficult, because everyone is in search for the perfect gift! To find this gift, you need to ask yourself a few questions. What does he like, if he saw it would he want it and would he use it? I’m sure whatever you decide to give him, he will love because it came from you. If he wants nothing, he might actually want nothing because he already has all he wants. I’m not saying don’t get him anything, but do not freak out because you can’t find it. It will be one of those moments when you see it on the shelf and it screams your name. It is Christmas so maybe you should get him something that he may need. Sweaters are always a great go to gift for guys.  Good luck shopping and happy holidays!




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